New Fiera del Levante 2020


BLU EVO> The future of heating at 110%

BLU EVO> The future of heating at 110%

Purity of 5-star natural warmth, optimized to perfection to redefine the well-being of your spaces and the environment around you.

Take a leap into the future.

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Conto Termico 2.0

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4 Stars Heat green

Kalorina series 22 CL5

Ecodesign and LCA methodology for the new range of pellet and wood chip boilers,
Kalorina series 22 CL5 - a sustainable product also awarded by the Conto Energia Termico

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New Fiera del Levante 2020


33 MW installed in an Eco-sustainable greenhouse

High-tech biomass system with low environmental impact.

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Progetto in evidenza


Redeem your incentive.

Do you want to replace a biomass or diesel generator? Depending on your climate zone and the power of the boiler you can receive up to 65% on your current account.

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Полный ассортимент товаров для отопления жилых помещений и больших площадей

Tatano Зеленый Проект

Kalò и Tatano Зеленый Проект. Вы тоже можете способствовать росту леса Tatano

Важный корпоративный проект по энергетической культуре, с целью распространения передового опыта в сфере устойчивого развития и, в частности, возобновляемых источников энергии.