Energetic Check Up

Thanks to the Energetic Check-up service, the professional can request a technical analysis and a check on the status of the thermal power plant to assess its regulatory compliance and the level of energy efficiency.

By sending an e-mail to engineering@tatano.it and describing the type of installed power system (installed power, annual consumption, energy expenditure, etc.), a team of specialized Tatano engineers will analyze the request with the objective of identifying any inefficiencies of the existing system and evaluating, after a site inspection by a technician, new customized solutions able to guarantee high comfort, lower consumption and low environmental impact.

The efficiency improvement proposal contains:
  • the description of the type and the total power of the generators that we recommend installing;
  • an indication of the expected annual consumption with the new installation;
  • the quantification of the new planned energy expenditure and the savings that can be obtained, compared to the existing system, in economic terms and for consumption reduction.

The Engineering Team will also submit to the customer a cost amortization plan in order to consciously evaluate the most suitable economic solution.

Paid service: € 200 + VAT.
Any analysis of the return on investment has an additional cost: € 50 + VAT.

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