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Kalorina LE-PA/Low Emission Chips

Range of power: from 30 to 90 kW

Kalorina LE-PA/Low Emission chips de lemn

Boiler Kalorina LE-PA / Low Emission

Kalorina LE-PA (Low Emission) powered by wood chips, ranks at the top of its category in terms of reliability, versatility of operation and performance. It guarantees high yields and maximum levels of comfort for single and two-family houses, condominiums, public structures, small companies and farms, newly built or for the renovation of existing systems, with significant savings on gas and diesel costs thanks to incentives.
It allows to produce domestic hot water with integration with the solar thermal system or with the use of an external puffer.


The advantages

  • Ideal for buildings with high thermal loads and for those with almost zero energy (nzeb), newly built and in redevelopments;
  • Customized system solutions according to the spaces and positioning of the boiler room/wood chip / pellet storage depot;
  • Different container heating solutions are also available for structures that do not have a dedicated space.
  • Possibility of universal use. Biomass is easily available as it comes from the short chain.
  • The high yields and low emissions allow access to the incentives provided for tax deductions (50% / 65%) and from the ContoEnergiaTermico.
  • It offers not only environmental but also economic advantages, considering the excellent possibilities of developing biomass energy in several sectors.
    • Range of power
      from 30 o 90 kW
    • Power modulation range
    • Boiler class (according to EN 303-5)
      classe 5
    • Energy class (ErP)
      class A++
    • Applications
      single and multi-family houses, condominiums; both in the case of redevelopment and new installations
    • Biomass to be used
      Wood chips EN 14961-4 (mandatory for access to ContoTermico) Wood pellets EN 14961-2 (mandatory for access to ContoTermico)
    • Other compatible fuels
      sawdust, shavings, olive husk, minced shells, wood
    • Operation
      digital electronic combustion regulation via touchscreen display
    • DHW production
      Via the external storage tank and / or solar thermal integration
    • Types of system
      With high and / or low temperature (radiators, radiant panels, fan-coils)
    • Other characteristics
      combined chip-pellet / wood combustion chamber for efficient insulation and combustion with minimal heat loss.

The tested combustion

The Kalorina LE-PA boiler has a combined chips-pellet/wood combustion chamber for efficient insulation and combustion with minimal heat loss.

The large 450 L hopper, complete with agitator and dosing auger as well as the bottom feeding system, with double auger guarantee the constant and safe feeding of the boiler with the different biomasses used, also with different grain sizes.

The automatic cleaning system of the exchange surfaces and the combustion chamber with mechanical lever discharge in the special ash box minimizes maintenance work, ensuring high efficiency and lower fuel consumption.

The controlled ignition and intelligent regulation of the various energy-efficient components (IE3) ensure reduced current consumption and extremely silent operation.

Efficient and clean heating(low emission)

The Tatano low-emission boiler has an integrated multicyclone filter, complete with silent smoke extractor, which minimizes dust levels.

The continuous measurement of the depression inside the combustion chamber, the double combustion control through the temperature probes (water / fumes) and the Lambda probe, always guarantee high efficiency and low consumption.

Maximum operational safety

 Kalorina LE-PA (Low Emission) implements special safety measures in the use of the boiler, being equipped with:

  • Flame back protection device: drop sump, star valve (optional)
  • Integrated SLE independent fire-fighting device (misting system with thermal activation)
  • Residual power heat-sink and antifreeze function - Integrated safety devices on board (thermostats, timers, limit switches, level sensors) for boiler shutdown and automatic fault signals

Continuous control with touch display

The boiler has a digital touchscreen display for adjusting the power according to your habits and for completely customized heating: multifunction control, plain text for simple and intuitive programming of all combustion parameters. It also allows remote management of all boiler functions thanks to the App supplied with the 4Heat module.

Agitatore con molle a balestra SCB01

Agitator with leaf springs SCB01

The ideal solution for the transfer and the dosage of the biomass from a storage hopper to the floor and to the boiler through an intermediate loading hopper or fall cockpit up to the dosing auger.

Suitable for wood chips or other biomasses compatible for granulometry and wood pellets. It can be used for wood chips class A1, A2 and B1 up to grain P16S (G30), according to EN 14961-4, for sawdust (EN 14961-3) and for wood class A1 and A2 (EN 14 961-2).

The system is compatible for wood chip boilers of the Kalorina K23 E, K23 EPA, BK23 E and K25 E (23-104 kW) and for the class 5 boilers of the Kalorina LE-PA series (Low Emission) with cylindrical hopper.

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Kalorina LE-PA/Low Emission chips de lemn
Kalorina LE-PA/Low Emission Chips
Range of power: from 30 to 90 kW