District heating network

Container Centrale Termica per le 3 sottostazioni della micro-rete di teleriscaldamento

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Type of intervention: new conditioning system

Installer: The system was built by the Weya engineering team, partner Tatano (www.weya.fr), which will provide technical assistance and supply of fuel for this thermal power plant.

Tatano Products: Smart Mobile Energy- Biocontainer; K2223 EPA FMC boiler; Articulated screw feeder.


Customer requirement

The need was to find the best and most environmentally friendly solution to heat 3 substations of a small district heating network, in the conditions in which the space needed for a technical compartment was lacking.

Project solution

Innovation and sustainability are criteria that determine the energy solution of the building: Smart Mobile Energy- Biocontainer, so the choice falls on the pellet boiler, model Kalorina K 2223 EPA (267 kW), implanted in an ultramodern heating system set up inside a container used as a thermal power plant.

    • Model
      K 2223 E (n. 1)
    • Useful power
      267 kW
    • Fuels
      Wood pellet
    • Fuel storage
      Storage container (30 m³)
    • Fuel transport
      Articulated feeder
    • Annual savings
      40% compared to gas

Project details

The technical configuration of the system allows the boiler to heat the different areas both by MCV (mechanical controlled ventilation) and by radiators. Furthermore, there are two 1000-liter tanks to cover the HSW requirement.

The K2223 E boiler, fueled through pellets, with fully automatic operation, is equipped with pneumatic cleaning systems, a multi-cyclone smoke dust collector on the machine and the smoke extraction system to guarantee maximum operating efficiency.

A second container for fuel storage ensures the power supply of the pellets to the boiler through an articulated screw feeder. With a capacity of approx. 30 m³ of fuel loaded by lorries through the special nozzles guarantees a two-week operating autonomy.

Monitoring is possible via the standard module and remote assistance through the PC.