Hotel Voievod 2
Sezione Residenziale

Hotel Voievod 2 

Type of intervention: new air conditioning system

Installer: the installation was realized by the SC Tehnologic SRL company, Tatano partner in the area.

Tatano products: wood pellet boiler, Kalorina K2223 E model with Sil-Max 800 

Customer need

The Voievod (Sucevita) tourist complex is a splendid **** S hotel surrounded by a unique natural scenery and by the spectacular panorama of the Bucovina Obcines.
Hotel Voievod 1, inaugurated in 2011, offers guests luxury rooms and suites, as well as a spa, a beauty area with sauna and a panoramic swimming pool.

To meet the increasing demands of the stays, in 2019, it was decided to extend the structure by building a new Hotel **** S Voievod 2 and 8 bungalows. In addition, the eco-sustainable philosophy of the hotel requires a system based on the use of renewable energies and capable of minimizing energy consumption.

After 9 years of positive feedback on the pellet system installed in the first structure, the owners also confirm Tatano technology in this locationto optimize management costs and ensure competitive advantages in the sector.

Project solution

The heart of the heating system are two biomass boilers, model Kalorina 2223 E (267 kW) fueledwith wood pellets which heat and produce domestic hot water not only for the rooms, but also for the other spaces of the hotel, such as the restaurant and the whole wellness center, guaranteeing the constant comfort of guests and thus contributing to create an even more pleasant atmosphere during their stay.

    • Model
      K 2223 E (n. 2)
    • Useful power
      534 kW
    • Fuels
      wood pellets, agro-pellets, wood
    • Fuel storage
      Sil- Max 800
    • Annual savings
      50% compared to fossil fuels
    • Break-even point
      3 years

Project details

The solution of the cascade system allows to respond to the individual needs of the power of the thermal circuits, temperatures and types of system.

The Kalorina K 2223 E boilers produce water at 75 ° C for the primary circuit, which ensures the heating of the rooms through the radiators and at 40 ° C for the secondary circuit in the wellness area via a radiant floor; moreover, the heat is transferred via an exchanger thermal energy needed to heat the pool.

The centralized solar thermal panels integrated into the biomass system cover the DHW needs in the summer months.