Hotel La Domenii
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Hotel La Domenii

A biomass boiler capable of converting production waste into fuel

Type of intervention: new air conditioning system

Tatano products:biomass boiler, model BK 2310 E suitable for the optimal combustion of cereals waste.


Under the name Lungu Domains Group we will find an association of companies present in five sectors of activity in continuous growth in the area: agriculture, viticulture, fruit growing, breeding and tourism. The hotel La Domenii is part of the homonymous farm that extends for 2000 hectares on the hills of Iasi, entirely dedicated to the agricultural cultivation, the vineyards and the fruit trees. Following an important investment, the hotel was built according to the criteria of green building, focusing on environmental sustainability and respect for nature and make the guests' stay truly pleasant and regenerating. With its 24 rooms including 5 suites and services according to the **** S standards, the La Domenii hotel offers many possibilities for relaxation: visits to the archaeological sites of the area, mini zoo with exotic animals and the animal farm for babies, fishing in the lakes of the Domini Lungu, wine tasting and visits to the Hermeziu winery belonging to the group. In 2014, the year of the inauguration, the owners reconfirm the Tatano technology, also asking in this location a sustainable and highly technological solution for heating the structure that allows them to convert the production waste into fuel.


Project solution

From this point of view, with the installation of the Kalorina BK2310 E boiler, an innovative thermal system is proposed, designed and developed for the use of alternative fuels, specifically agricultural waste: wood chips from vine shoots, corn stalks and cores, sunflower husk and cereals wastes, as waste production of the farm that will allow them to reduce the energy costs of the structure.

    • Surface
      1200 mq
    • Boiler model
      BK 2310 E (N.1)
    • Installed thermal power
      115 kW
    • Inertial Accumulation
      N. 2 Puffer for a capacity of 2000L of technical water; bivalent accumulator tank lt. 500
    • Type of system
      centralized, high temperature
    • Fuels
      vine shoots, corn stalks and cores, sunflower husk, cereal waste, agri-pellets
    • Fuel storage
      standard hopper (450 L) and BK hopper (245 L);
    • Estimated annual savings
      70% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

The biomass boiler Kalorina BK 2310 E, thanks to its technology makes it possible to use wood waste and optimize the combustion of cereals, making the most of their calorific value, guaranteeing a lot of healthy heat at low cost. Combined with a dual- 500 lt. boiler for the production of HSW and two 1000 L inertial tanks for the accumulation of technical water, it meets the heating needs of the hotel, for a total surface of about 1200 square meters.

The entire system is managed by a digital regulation that allows the control and continuous monitoring of the whole system.