Hotel Alpin Rarau
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Hotel Alpin Rarau

Wood / wood pellet boilers for the energy redevelopment of the hotel

Type of intervention: energy redevelopment of the system

Installer: Company specializing in the installation of hydraulic and technological systems for civil and industrial heating, Tatano partner in the area.

Tatano productswood / wood pellet boiler, model Kalorina K 2213 E, from the range of medium power boilers, suitable for heating large spaces.

At an altitude of 1520 m, in the popular tourist area of Bucovina, in the heart of the Rarau massif, the Hotel Alpin is able to surprise every guest, who finds the right balance between the natural beauty and comfort offered by the modern structure.

The hotel is ideally located for those who enjoy skiing or walking, but also for those who want to practice mountain biking, off-road, river-rafting, ATV-trekking, Tyrolean or slackline.

The year 2015 marks the beginning of the renovation of the building and after two years of work, the restoration work has turned this hotel into a beauty and a rare scenario. The charm of Tyrolean architectural accents blends perfectly with the beauty of the specific elements of the area, leaving the tradition of over half a century of this place unaltered. In addition to the 94 beautiful rooms, the hotel now offers a wonderful terrace with a breathtaking viewpoint.

Customer's need:

In this context, the energy redevelopment of the old oil-fired thermal power system was also undertaken. The purpose of energy conversion was the reduction of heating costs, supported by the will of the owners to use an ecological system, which allows the use of renewable energy sources in the area.

Project solution

The energy requalification was completed in 2016 with the installation of two wood / wood pellet boilers, model Kalorina K2213 E, of 151 kW, which meet the heating and production needs of domestic hot water of the structure, moreover it allows to exploit the resources of the territory: the wood comes directly from the property, while the wood chips comes from waste from the processing of furniture, minced for thermal use and supplied directly by the sawmills in the area.

    • Surface
      1700 m²
    • Boiler model
      K2213 E (n. 2)
    • Installed thermal power
      302 kW
    • Type of system
      Water / water heat exchanger, with radiators
    • Inertial Accumulation
      N. 3 Puffer for a capacity of 5000L of technical water;
    • Fuels
      wood pellets, wood, chips from sawmill waste
    • Fuel storage
      Sil-Max 800, standard
    • Break even point
      4 years

Project details

The Kalorina K2213 E boilers represent the most modern technology in the field of medium power boilers. The main feature of these boilers is the double combustion chamber for pellets and wood, the advanced combustion technique and digital power regulation that allow them to achieve high yields of up to 92%.

The system, made up of several circuits, converges on a main collector, from which the heating flows of the various areas of the structure controlled by the temperature thermostats start, while the circuit of domestic hot water, hydraulically separated from all the rest, heats through a plate exchanger and the 1500 lt puffers for the storage of technical hot water, also prepared for future integration of a solar thermal system.

The solution adopted ensures high performance and maximum comfort in all rooms of the structure.