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Heating for Elderly nursing home

Renewable energy sources for the energy needs of the elderly nursing home

Type of intervention: energy efficiency

Installer: the energy efficiency works were carried out by the installation company WaterSol Maroc Marrakech, Tatanopartner

Tatano products: biomass boiler, model Kalorina K2010 M and Sil Max 800.


Customer need

The Villa Gillet elderly nursinghome is one of the most visible structures in Marrakech designed to be a meeting place for relax and well-being. On the occasion of the expansion of the structure, it was decided to exploit renewable and sustainable energy sources for their energy needs, in order to save on costs in the bill and contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions.
A choice oriented towards energy efficiency and the use of technological and products reliable over time that can have a long life, such as the Villa self!

Project solution

With this in mind, a modern olive husk and wood pellet system is realized, with the installation of two boilers, Kalorina K2010 M model (electromechanical) and Sil -Max 800 hopper, which replace an obsolete 100 kW gas boiler.

    • Surface
      760 m²; 400 cubic meters (swimming pool)
    • Model
      K 2010 M (n. 2)
    • Installed thermal power
      208 kW
    • Inertial Storage
      N. 1 Puffer for a capacity of 3000 L of technical water
    • System type
      misto, pavimento radiante e termosifoni
    • Fuels
      wood pellets and olive husk from the short-range supply chain
    • Fuel storage
      Sil-Max 800 and pneumatic suction system for the hopper loading
    • Storage volume
      15000 Kg
    • Break-even point
      3 years
    • Estimated annual savings
      70% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

The solution of the cascade system allows to respond to the individual needs of the powerin the thermal circuits, temperatures and types of system.

The Kalorina K 2010 M boilers produce water at 75 ° C for the primary circuit, which ensures the heating of the 400 cubic meters of the swimming pool through an exchanger, while the radiant heating of the structure, which extends over 700 square meters, uses low-temperature water.

To ensure greater autonomy to the system, the boilers have been provided with the Sil-Max 800 to replace the standard hopper, while a pneumatic suction system loads the fuel weekly.

Thanks to the technical water inside puffer, the boilers can be used at 100% of their power, achieving high efficiency and minimizing combustion residues.