Alpine refuge (JULIA SELLA NEVEA)

Type of intervention: energy redevelopment

Installer: Gasparini Luigi snc (ISTRANA), a company specialized in the design and installation of hydraulic and technological systems for civil and industrial heating.

Tatano products:Class 5 pellet boiler, model Kalorina LE-PA (Low Emission).


Customer requirement:

The Rifugio Julia is a *** S hotel that aims to surprise every guest with the balance between the natural beauty of the place and the comfort offered by the modern structure renovated in 2015, and in this context, the customer, had an ambitious request: have the autonomy in energy supply to guarantee the benefits in terms of saving on energy costs.

Project solution:

The heating solution set up inside a mobile container, tailor-made, adapts perfectly to the needs of the structure, ensuring heating in the name of efficiency and energy savings. The built-in pellet loading system ensures monthly system autonomy. The environmental impact is also minimal: the project, is perfectly camouflaged in the surrounding environment.

    • Boiler Model
      Kalorina K90 LE- PA (90 kW)
    • Thermal power replaced
      100 kW
    • Type of system
      centralized, with radiant plate system
    • Thermal buffer tank
      2000 l
    • Fuel used
      wood pellets class A1 certified EN 14961--2
    • Pellet storage / extraction
      direct / screw articulated feeder
    • Expected annual savings
      55% compared to fossil fuel
    • State subventions
      22 440 euros over 5 years

Project details

To ensure the thermal needs of the 49 beds, for a surface of about 500 square meters, a latest generation 90 kW Tatano boiler (Class 5 EN 303-5: 2012) has replaced the previously installed diesel generator.

The K90 LE-PA boiler (Low Emission) is a high-quality product, suitable for the most extreme conditions of use. Thanks to its construction features and Low-NOx combustion technology, it ensures very low polluting emissions with consequent efficiency values.

The system is equipped with pneumatic cleaning, integrated multi-cyclone, forced suction smokes and 2000 L puffer. Safety devices and digital regulation contribute to the high operating safety.