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With the Mini container, hot air "ready for use" for industrial warehouses

Type of intervention:micro-climatic efficiency of work environments.

Tatano products:mini container, with hot air generator, model Kalorina K2408 E pre-installed.


Customer's need:

HYDROPNEUMATIC, with 50 years of history of technological innovation and its reputation for customized systems, is a manufacturer of wellhead equipment and control systems.

The company has always made about corporate respect and sustainability one of its strategic choices, demonstrating the attention to the quality of production processes, the safety and health of its employees, attested by various certifications.

From this point of view, even the heating of the structure requires a suitable solution to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the Integrated Management System - Environment and Safety.

Project Solution

From the preliminary analysis, it appears that the shed (2500 m³) located in the climate zone E is subject to harsh winters characterized by low temperatures. A further criticality of the project was the impossibility of creating a room for the exclusive use of the heat generator, so the need arises for a heating inside the structure to find a space that may be adequate to ensure a uniform distribution of the heat without interfering with the work process and the materials handling lanes.

In line with these needs, the Tatano solution: Mini container with K2408 E hot air generator pre-installed. A ready-to-use solution in full compliance with the regulations that can be put into operation regardless of the available space and in total autonomy.

    • Heated volume
      2500 m³
    • Generator Model
      Kalorina K 2408 E
    • Installed thermal power
      93 kW
    • Type of system
      diffusion of hot air through blowers
    • Used fuel
      Pellets according EN 14961-2
    • Pellet storage
      Standard hopper (lt. 905)
    • Mini container size
      2000 (L) X 2350 (P) X1816 (H)
    • Containment panels
      Zero class of fire resistance
    • Chimney system
      forced draft

Project details

The mini-container is a complete system solution designed to meet the specific needs of the customer and fully complies with the regulations that are suitable for a wide range of applications.

Biomass heat generators (water or hot air) and related accessories, pre-installed inside, as substitute heating immediately usable, to be connected directly to the user's system.

As on-board equipment: K2408 hot air generator with fuel storage hopper (905L), flexible pipes for connections to the air ducting system, as well as all the safety systems and devices required by the current law. .




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