Riscaldamento spazi industriali - Swan Windows
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Heating for industrial spaces

Latest generation boilers for the energy requalification of industrial buildings

Type of intervention: energy requalification of conditioning system

Installer: the system was built by the installation company Igna Construct SRL, Tatanopartner 

Tatano products: biomass boiler, model Kalorina K375 LE-PA Low Emission (Class 5) and K2310 E.

Customer need

The Romanian-Danish company Swan Windows has always made of respect and environmental sustainability one of its strategic choices, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility towards society and territory.

This determines the request for a highly eco-friendly and environmentally friendly heating solution to heat the surface of 8500 m2, using the waste obtained following woodworking: sawdust, shavings, wood chips.

Project solution

We can consider the system as a virtuous example of transforming a processing waste, avoiding the possible cost for disposal, into a significant energy resource with a valuable economic aspect, capable of providing greater competitiveness to the company.

Furthermore, with the installation of two latest generation boilers, Kalorina K375 LE-PA (Low Emission) model, not only an alternative energy source to traditional fossil fuels, but also an aid to respect the environment, with the use of renewable sources at zero kilometer and with emission values well below the albeit restrictive legal limits (10 mg / Nm³ powders and 1.2 mg / Nm³ TOC, at 6% O2 / Test Report 2000762 / Wessling certifying body).

    • Model
      Kalorina K375 LE-PA (LowEmission) (n. 2); Kalorina K2310 E (n. 1)
    • Installed power
      866 kW
    • Fuel
      Sawdust, shavings, wood pellets
    • Fuel storage
      Direct / Pneumatic extraction
    • Storage volume
      30 m³
    • Annual savings
      90% compared to fossil fuels
    • Break-even point
      3 years

Project details

The 375 kW K375 LE-PA (Low Emission) boilers, fueled with self-produced sawdust, cover the needs of the primary heating circuit.

The factory is heated by a radiant panel system, while the offices are heated with convectors. The K2310 E boiler (116 Kw) ensures the need for domestic hot water.
In this type of system, the boiler supply hopper is powered by a pneumatic system that takes the fuel from an adjacent hopper used for storage.

The filter system of the combustion products is a multicyclone that acts on the dust (> PM10). The high quality of the upstream combustion processes - thanks to a high technological level of the boiler - and the remarkable separation efficiency of the downstream filter system, with the recirculation of the exhaust gases, for the creation of reduction zones (ƛ ˂ 1) which characterizes this type of Low-Nox combustion chamber, allow to obtain extremely low emission factors in the atmosphere 
(10 mg/Nm³ dust and 1.2 mg / Nm³ TOC at 6% O2).