Heating for industrial halls

Type of intervention: new air conditioning system

Tatano products: hot air generator, model K2510 wood chips.


Customer requirement

In October 2014, at Librazhd, the company Alfredo Grassi SpA, leader in the production of professional work clothes, protective devices and uniforms opened a new production site and like in other sites, the energy choice falls on the use of renewable energy sources and biomass boilers.

Project solution

To cover the heating needs of the 3 extended sheds on a surface of 1800 square meters, three hot air generators have been installed, model K2510 E (116 kW), working with wood chips and wood.

    • Model
      K2510 E (n. 3)
    • Installed power
      348 kW
    • Fuels
      Chips of wood, wood
    • Fuel storage
      Standard hopper (450 L)
    • Annual savings
      50% compared to fossil fuels
    • Break-even point
      4 years

Project detail

To ensure uniform heating of the environment, the distribution of air flows is channeled through the pipes, provided with a plenum of diffusion, to release heat exactly at the work stations.

The well-sized intake fans guarantee constant air speed and pressure on each circuit column. In addition, the generators are provided with air intake that allow air changes with the environment. The on-board electronics that controls every phase of combustion make the system completely automatic.