Central heating in condominiums and residential complexes

Type of intervention: energy redevelopment

Gasparini Luigi snc (ISTRANA), a company specialized in the design and installation of hydraulic and technological systems for civil and industrial heating.

E.S.Co. (Energy Service Company):
Empower Italia srl (TREVISO), UNI 11352 certified company operating in the energy efficiency sector in Italy, providing services aimed at financing energy efficiency measures and the development of renewable energy.

Tatano products: Class 5 pellet boiler, model Kalorina K270 LE-PA (Low Emission).


Customer requirement:

In Sella Nevea, the condominium of 109 housing units has been redeveloped. The building needed a centralized heating system that was efficient and sustainable, with a view to saving and reducing the energy costs of utilities and protecting the environment.

Project solution

Following the energy diagnosis, the intervention works to upgrade the thermal power plant, replace the existing oil boiler (450 kW) with two Pellet boilers, model K270 LE-PA (270 kW), centralized plant equipment with heat metering systems (Caleffi) to ensure that each user independently manages his own heating circuit and checks consumption.

    • Boiler model
      K270 LE-PA (n. 2)
    • Installed thermal power
      540 kW
    • Thermal power replaced
      450 kW
    • Type of system
      centralized, with heat metering systems
    • Thermal buffer tank
      10.000 litres
    • Fuel used
      wood pellets class A1 certified EN 14961-2
    • Pellet Storage
      Hopper Sil-Max 800
    • Expected annual savings
      55% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

The heart of the system is the two K270 LE-PA (Low Emission) pellet boilers, with fully automatic operation, particularly high energy yields and extremely low emissions thanks to the particular technical and construction characteristics. Among these we must consider: the automatic ignition with low energy consumption, automatic cleaning of the exchange surfaces, integrated multi-cyclone filter and Lambda Control combustion to minimize the level of dust. The system is completed with an inertial buffer of 10,000 liters for the accumulation of technical water.

The entire system is managed by a digital regulation that allows the continuous diagnosis of the whole system, even from remote (GSM / Wi-Fi).

The cost of the investment for the condominium was easy to deal with thanks to the provision of the Conto Termico Subvention.