Autonomia energetica per l’abitazione privata
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Energy autonomy for private residence that use renewable sources

Biomass and solar thermal fireplace for the energy needs of the house

Type of intervention: new air conditioning system

Climate zone: C, day degrees 1346

Tatano products: Kalorino fireplace model KS Large with wood / wood pellets; natural circulation solar panel L200.

Customer needs:

A 280 square meter private home and an ambitious request: autonomy in energy supply. To ensure advantages in terms of energy savings, the house was built with particular attention to the aspect of energy efficiency. The external coat and the thermal break windows ensure efficient thermal insulation and for the technological level the systems are with high standard.

Project solution

The air conditioning system consists of the wood / wood pellet fireplace (KS Large) as a heat generator, as well as a real piece of furniture. On the roof, a solar thermal system with natural circulation for the production of domestic hot water, a classic radiator system in the sleeping area and fan coil units in the living area. The energy requirement is entirely met by renewable sources and the costs associated with heating and the production of domestic hot water are reduced to a minimum.

    • Heated surface
      280 m²
    • Model
      Kalorino KS Large Wood / Wood Pellets
    • Useful power
      31 kW
    • Energy efficiency class
    • Type of system
      classic, high temperature, with water-air heat exchange
    • Fuels
      wood pellets and small pieces of wood
    • Fuel storage
      Standard hopper (120 L)
    • Annual energy expenditure
      500 Euros

Project details

KS Large wood/wood pellet fireplace is the ideal solution for the air conditioning of single-family houses, apartments or terraced houses: a single device provides heating and the production of domestic hot water thanks to the integrated 200-liter boiler, in addition to be a real piece of furniture with design lines that adapt to any type of environment, whether classic or contemporary.

The installation of the fireplace stove has been carefully chosen to guarantee the customer easy pellet loading and comfortable maintenance.

It reaches an energy efficiency class of A ++ which allows you to create an independent house in terms of heating, saving costs and ensuring a lower environmental impact.

The production of domestic hot water is ensured by the 200 L natural circulation solar thermal system. The flat solar panel with selective coating of the capturing surface guarantees excellent use of solar energy for the production of DHW ensuring efficient operation, reliable and with minimal environmental impact.