Riscaldamento autonomo efficiente
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Efficient independent heating with gas boiler and wood pellet fireplace to improve the energy class of the independent house.

Type of intervention: expansion of the pre-existing natural gas system, with the integration of renewable energy sources from biomass

Climate zone: D, day degrees 1588

Tatano products: Kalorino fireplace, KS Medium model with wood / wood pellets with fully automated operation

Customer needs:

The need for the newly built independent house was to find a better solution to cover the peak loads of winter heating and reduce consumption. For the construction of the system, the owners have focused on renewable energy: a winning choice in terms of yields and sustainability.

The choices regarding the envelope and the technical systems were conditioned by the regulatory constraints on the energy performance of the new buildings. In view of the initial investment costs, the customer requested a system of simple management, comfort at the highest levels and the possibility of remote control of the system.

Project solution

High temperature decorative radiator, with the integration of the Kalorino KS Medium wood pellet fireplace in a bivalent system with the pre-existing natural gas boiler, connected to the classic radiator system. The choice of wood biomass was made to try to anticipate future choices and certainly to reduce consumption, making the home environmentally sustainable.

    • Heated surface
      150 m²
    • Model
      Kalorino KS Medium Wood / wood pellets
    • Useful power
      20 kW
    • Energy efficiency class
    • Type of system
      High temperature, with water-water heat exchange, with radiators
    • Thermal storage
      L600 thermal cell with integrated DHW (L146)
    • Fuels
      Wood pellets and small pieces of wood
    • Fuel storage
      Standard hopper (120 L)
    • Energy saving
      50% guaranteed from renewable sources

Project details

The bivalent system, consisting of a natural gas boiler and the Kalorino KS Medium wood / wood pellet fireplace installed for winter air conditioning and for the production of domestic hot water, satisfies the energy needs of the home in moments of maximum thermal load