Villa Le Petite Paradise, Marrakech (Marocco)
Sezione Residenziale

Central heating

Efficient and eco-sustainable heating system of the independent villa

Type of intervention: energy requalification

Installer: the system was built by Water Sol Maroc Marrakech, Tatano partner in the area

Tatano products: boiler with automatic wood pellet operation, model Kalorina K2210 E and Sil-Max 800.


Customer need

The need for this single house, used only as a summer residence, was to find the best and most eco-sustainable solution for winter conditioning.

For the construction of the systems, the owners have focused on renewable energy: a winning choice in terms of yields and in terms of sustainability, relying on Tatano high efficiency products.

Project solution

The energy requalification involved the construction of an innovative heating system and an underfloor heating system.

The heart of the autonomous heating system is the pellet boiler, Kalorina K2210 E model combined with a 500 L storage tank, which replaces the existing oil boiler and heat pump.

This allows both the production of domestic hot water for the bathrooms in the house, and the production of hot water to support heating in winter, as well as the swimming pool.

This solution guarantees excellent results not only in terms of performance and comfort, which remain constantly high in all seasons, but also in terms of environmental sustainability, to which a plant engineering choice of this type certainly offers a valid contribution.

    • Model
      k2210 E (n°1)
    • Installed thermal power
      104 kW
    • Replaced thermal power
      60 kWatt
    • DHW storage
      500 litri
    • System type
      mixed, radiant floor and radiators
    • Fuel used
      olive husk
    • Fuel storage
      Sil-Max 800, to replace the standard hopper
    • Savings
      80% compared to fossil fuel
    • Break-even point
      3 years

Project details

With the installation of the Kalorina K2210 E boiler fueled with olive husk, the production of heat and domestic hot water has been entirely entrusted to renewable energy.

The entire system is managed by a smart regulation, which optimizes the functionality of the boiler, with automatic adjustment of the power to the real needs of the structure and the interface for remote control via smartphone and PC.

All the system converges on a collector from which the supplies for the radiant floor system, for the radiators and for the DHW boiler in the house and swimming pool start