Impianto chiavi in mano per unità familiare
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Turnkey systems for family units with wood chips

Customer need

Replacement of an obsolete wood-fired boiler with a new generation one in line with regional regulations which would allow for a comfortable independent form of heating designed for wood chips, an easily available fuel.

System solution

The Tatano system proposal is configured in the K2303CL5 PA wood chip model with thermal power of 30 kWatt in line with an 800 L puffer.

    • Heated surface
      198 square meters
    • Model
      Kalorina K2303 cl5 PA Chips
    • Useful power
      30 kWatt
    • Energy efficiency class
    • System type
      High temperature
    • Thermal storage
      800 litres puffer tank
    • Fuels
      Wood chips according to EN 17225-4
    • Fuel storage
      Standard 380 litres hopper
    • Incentive requested
      50% deduction for energy requalification

Projects details