Impianti chiavi in mano per l’efficientamento energetico di singola unità familiare
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Turnkey systems for the energy efficiency of a single-family unit

Type of intervention: Turnkey system for replacing an obsolete boiler with a latest generation pellet boiler

Customer need

In Tiziano Val Parma, in partnership with the thermos-technical company ALHENA SERVICE, a cutting-edge system was created, characterized by the installation of Tatano's flagship product called Bluevo 25, integrated with a 600-litre forced circulation solar system. The need of our clients was access to the 110% superbonus for the energy efficiency of their structure, the energy improvement of the property class and maximum product safety.

System solution

To meet the needs of heating and domestic hot water production, Tatano opted for the installation of the Bluevo 25 boiler, a 5-star class A++ boiler, which guarantees very low pellet consumption thanks to an efficiency equal to 94%, due to a patented combustion technique that reduces emissions to a minimum, reduced dimensions, rapid installation.

This highly efficient, latest generation technological solution provides heating and domestic water to the private facility. It guarantees a very high level of safety in the use of the product thanks to the integrated safety devices such as: safety heat exchanger, fuel level indicators, double fan for smokes expulsion, error signals and automatic warnings.

 The choice of this type of system not only embraces innovation but also translates into considerable economic advantages, taking advantage of the very prestigious incentives of the 110% super bonus.

    • Heated surface
      Approximately 200 square meters
    • Model
      Bluevo 25 class 5 in 5 stars
    • Energy efficiency class
    • Type of system
      Integration between pellet boiler and 600 liter forced circulation solar system
    • Fuels
      EN 17225-2 wood pellets

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