Castello di Rocca Sinibalda
Sezione Residenziale

Rocca Sinibalda Castle

SfSforza-Cesarini di Rocca Sinibalda is one of the most important castles of Lazio. Despite being of medieval origins, its current appearance is that resulting from the radical modernization over the centuries up to modern times.

Type of intervention: riquaenergy redevelopment of the system

Installer: Gibellini

Tatano Products: chips boiler, model K2310 EPA, multi-cyclone dust collector MC300; leaf extraction system SCB01.


Customer requirement

In 2009, the castle was restored and renewed completely and, while fully respecting the original architectural style, was based on the research of the most modern technological standards, and in the same perspective the energy redevelopment guarantees advantages in terms of saving on energy costs.

Project solution

From the energetic point of view, three biomass fuel boilers, model Kalorina 2310 EPA (116 kW) were installed in cascade in an ultramodern heating system.

    • Model
      K 2310 EPA (n. 3)
    • Useful power
      348 kW
    • Fuels
      Wood chips – Wood pellet
    • Fuel storage
      Direct/Extraction through leaf spring (SCB01)
    • Storage volume
      12 m3
    • Annual savings
      50% compared to fossil fuels

Project details

The K2310 EPA boilers with fully automatic operation are equipped with pneumatic cleaning systems to guarantee maximum operating efficiency. To ensure greater thermal inertia and reduce consumption, they have been integrated with one thermal cell of 5000 liters. The supplied hopper is fed via the leaf extraction systems (SCB01) which pick up the fuel from a hopper adjacent used for storing, with a capacity of 12 m3 of fuel, providing a range of system operating about 12 days.

Downstream of the boilers (installed in cascade), a multi-cyclone smoke cleaner completes the system, guaranteeing minimum emissions. The smoke extraction system, with electronic control ensures an excellent draft.

The thermal power system is equipped with a PLC suitable for connection through Can-Bus, in this way all the values of the various system components are available and allow an optimal adjustment of the entire system.