Retirement home

Type of intervention:realization of a bivalent system with the integration of the biomass boiler

Tatano products: multi-fuel boiler, Kalorina 23100 EPA, fueled with wood chips and pellets.


Customer requirement

Francesco Joaquin Iriarte is a retirement home located in the heart of the Baztan Valley surrounded by the ridges of the Atlantic Pyrenees, near Elizondo, the capital of the valley. The need was to find the best and most environmentally friendly solution for the energy supply of the structure, with a consequent reduction in costs compared to the existing gas system. .

Soluzione di progetto

After a careful evaluation of the building context and the thermal powers, we opted for a centralized plant with a multi-fuel boiler, Kalorina 23100 EPA (1162 kW) in parallel with the two gas boilers, of 600 kW each of thermal power supplied.

    • Model
      K 23100 EPA
    • Useful power
      1162 kW
    • Fuels
      Wood pellet
    • Fuel storage
      Direct/Leaf spring extraction (SCB02)
    • Annual savings
      50% on the price of methane

Project details

Kalorina 23100 EPA boiler 1162 kW fueled with wood chips and pellets, equipped with energy recovery technologies (economizer), integrated with double cyclone and pneumatic cleaning systems has been combined with a cross-flow fuel extraction system for a complete operating autonomy. The GSM module for remote control is a standard device, allows monitoring of boiler operation and alarm management.

An important point to note is that since the chips boiler has been installed, the two pre-existing natural gas boilers of 600 kW each thermal power have not been supplied.