Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) for socio-health structure

Type of intervention: redevelopment of the thermal power system

Manager and works coordinator:
SSE Liguria s.a.s, ESCo (Energy Service Company) has a long experience in the field of industrial engineering system. The need to create a company of energy services (ESCo) arises from the need to offer the end customer, during the energy efficiency intervention, the appropriate guarantees on the expected savings. In the project in question the SSE LIGURIA has assumed all the costs of implementation of the systems, the supply of the biomass boiler and the management and maintenance of the work for 5 years.
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Tatano products: biomass boiler, Kalorina K400 EPA - LC (Lambda Control) - first boiler in Italy with this power approved according to Class 5 UNI EN 303-5: 2012 standard.


Customer's needs

from an energy point of view, the "Campo del Vescovo" social health structure located in Rocchetta Vara (SP) is particularly demanding and requires 24h per day service installations, so in this energy-intensive structure, the investment in efficient heating system solutions can result in significant savings in primary energy, with considerable benefits in the income statements of the hospital.

Project solution

The solution realized radically changes the existing state, passing from two LPG boilers in substitution with the biomass boiler model Kalorina K400 EPA - LC to ensure the comfort of heating and the production of ACS of the 80 beds. Already existing two puffer of 1,200 lt each for sanitary uses.

    • Boiler model
      K400 EPA-LC
    • Installed thermal power
      400 KWatt
    • Replaced power
      487 kW (2 x 360 kW and 127 kW boilers)
    • Technical buffer tank
      n. 1 5000-liter
    • Type of system
      high temperature radiant system
    • Fuels used
      Wood chips certified to EN 14961-4 / Pellet class A1 certified EN 14961-2
    • Fuel storage
      Hopper built on the floor above the thermal power plant for monthly autonomy

Project details

The biomass boiler, model Kalorina K400 EPA - LC fueled with wood chips and pellets, with combustion control system through the Lambda probe, meets the annual needs of thermal energy for heating and HSW of the structure. It is equipped with pneumatic cleaning systems, multi-cyclone dust collector integrated on the machine to guarantee maximum operating efficiency and minimum emissions. The smokes extraction system, with electronic control, ensures an excellent draft.

The redevelopment has brought excellent results in terms of energy efficiency:



Consumption of LPGbefore the intervention: 25.250 m3/year
Cost of LPG: 88.000 euro /anno
Primary thermal energy in TEP dissipated: 60 TEP/year    



Wood chips consumption: 300 ton/year
Pellet consumption: 170 ton/year
Annual cost of wood chips: 24.000 euros
Annual pellet cost: 37.400 euros
Investment cost: 100.000 euros
Break even point: 60 months                         
Savings for the first 5 years: 23%
Savings after amortization: 48%



Total incentive value: 14.000 year x 5 years = 70.000 euros