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All Saints Monastery

A new efficient pellet system for the monastery

Type of intervention: new heating system

Installer: the system was built by the installation company SC Romstal SRL.

Tatano products: pellet boiler, model Kalorina K2210 E and Kalorina K2204 E.


Customer need

The All Saints monastery, located at the exit of the Galeşu village, in the PoartaAlbă municipality, was raised in memory of thousands of political prisoners, including many priests and monks, exterminated from prison and forced labor at the Danube - Black Sea Canal during the period 1950-1960, guilty in the eyes of the communist dictatorship for having loved their faith and their nation.

The monastery built in the Byzantine architectural style is a large complex consisting of the church with annexes, the convent, the abbey, the pilgrim's canteen and a series of numerous rooms intended for the most varied services.

Thanks to the donations of the faithful and volunteering of the various companies in the execution phase, the works were carried out under the direct supervision of the Reverend Mother Eleonora Duna.
In 2016, the solution for heating the monastery and all its appliances was entrusted to Tatano and its high efficiency products.

Project solution

Since this is a building bound by the Superintendency for Cultural Heritage, the suitable premises have been carefully identified, with access from the outside, to be assigned to thermal power plants, where 2 Kalorina K2210 E pellet boilers have been installed with a power of 116 kW each and a 46 kW K2204 E boiler for a total capacity of 278 kW

    • Model
      K 2210 E (n. 2) e K2204 E (n.1)
    • Useful power
      278 kW
    • Fuels
      wood pellets, agro-pellets, wood
    • Fuel storage
      Sil- Max 800
    • Annual savings
      50% compared to fossil fuels
    • Break-even point
      3 years

Project details

Each of the two Kalorina K2210 E boilers powered by sunflower pellets guarantees the production of heat and domestic hot water for the convent, the church and the canteen, while the heating of the abbey has been entirely entrusted to the Kalorina K2204 E boiler, installed in a separate thermal power system.

The connections between the thermal power stations and various users were made using insulated underground pipes for district heating.

The new system allows now the structure to save significantly on energy costs, ensuring greater efficiency and reliability.