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 Wood drying system

Drying of wood with a neutral impact on the environment

The BIOTEAM company, operating in the production and sale of natural wood pellets, was looking for an eco-sustainable and compact solution for drying wood in an industrial area restricted in terms of atmospheric emissions.

The Tatano solution falls on the latest 5-star environmental production called Blu Evo 200, which, thanks to its containerized structure, allowed installation outside, without taking up internal spaces in the factory.

Connected to a 3000 litres Puffer it supplies two containers for drying wood. Thanks to a water/air exchange inside the containers it is possible to dry natural wood for the production of sawdust and pellets. The automatic loading of the boiler is managed via a pneumatic system.

Thanks to its patented combustion technology and ignition system, the Blu Evo delivers healthy heat with minimal environmental impact characterized by an efficiency of over 94%.

    • Model
      Bluevo 200
    • Useful Power
      200 kWatt
    • Fuels used
      Self-produced wood pellets
    • Fuel Storage
      Standard hopper extended by pneumatic suction system

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