Smart Mobile Energy per azienda agricola 4.0
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Smart Mobile Energy for farm 4.0

System type: technological improvement of the existing production site and process digitalisation

Tatano Products: Mobile Energy System consisting of a skipe platform containing 500 kWatt biomass boiler “KALORINA K500 LEPA” IN CLASS 5, fuel storage, biomass transport systems, opening systems for fuel supply, lighting and safety systems.

Customer needs

The Trapani Agricultural Company It is a horticultural company that was founded in Marsala in 1962 from the intuition of its founder, Antonio Trapani. At the beginning of the 1970s, Antonio Trapani diversified his production by cultivating Kentia, Chamaedorea and Ficus. But above all Kentia, or Howea forsteriana, the houseplant par excellence. In the 80s the dream of the founder Antonio Trapani was realized by his sons: Giacomo and Vincenzo, who with passion and dedication made the company an excellence in the production of ornamental plants. Trapani Piante now produces a vast range of Mediterranean plants for customers across Europe, in 360,000 m2 of greenhouses and shade houses.

The opportunity to digitalize the company through "Industry 4.0" incentives has created the need for owners to research cutting-edge technologies to accelerate the growth of their plants, guaranteeing their availability throughout the year. Furthermore, among the objectives of the Trapani company was to digitally modernize its production site with technologies that allow an exchange of useful data for future investments.

Project solution

From the sprout to the plant, this was Tatano's objective in choosing a highly reliable and durable product that would allow operating cycles of more than 5000 hours. After a thorough inspection aimed at evaluating the availability of space, the choice fell on a complete mobile solution capable of providing heat for the growth of sprouts, ready for use.

A 9 meters skipe platform containing the boiler, the fuel sampling system, biomass storage, protective covers for atmospheric agents, auxiliary lights for maintenance and grill ventilation and inspection openings.

The kalorina k500 LE-PA, a 5-star CLASS 5 model, belonging to the LOW DUST EMISSION line for low dust emissions and high efficiency. The Kalorina model, falling within the requirements of Industry 4.0, is equipped with remote management and remote-control systems that allow the boiler to be turned on and off remotely, to control the operating phases, to carry out emissions controls simply remotely or via devices internal to the site productively interconnected with each other. A system within reach, which allows the collection of data on consumption and trends in the various operating parameters of the boiler connected to the system.

    • Boiler model
      Kalorina k500 LE-PA classe 5
    • Installed power
      475 kWatt
    • Power modulation
      from 25 to 100%
    • Fuels
      Pellets according to EN 17225-2
    • Product features
      Lambda probe for combustion control and optimization, multi-cyclone filter for the reduction of fine particulates, built-in safety and control devices.
    • System hold autonomy
    • Loading system
      Motorized screw transport
    • Hydraulics
      Incorporated hydraulic kit assembled and sized according to project specifications complete with expansion tank, safety kit, safety group, pumping systems for primary circuit
    • Platform loading systems
      Trapdoor opening

Projects details