Sistema di riscaldamento mobile per azienda agricola
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Mobile Heating System for agricultural company

In Sicily a virtuous example of Circular Bioeconomy.

Installation type: expansion of existing production site

Tatano Products: Mobile Energy System consisting of a skipe platform containing 210 kWatt biomass boiler “KALORINA K210 LEPA” IN CLASS 5, fuel storage, biomass transport systems, opening systems for fuel supply, lighting and safety systems.

Customer needs

The Spitali agricultural company, located in San Cono (CT), dedicates 120 hectares of its estate to the cultivation of prickly pears with an average production of 2.5 tons of fruit per hectare. For several years, in addition to marketing fruits, the company has been promoting the use of cladodes (PINDY PEAR BLADES) for the bio-based industry market with extraordinary results.

The largest prickly pear blade drying plant in Southern Europe powered by biomass boilers and solar panels. The customer's need was to improve the performance of the production site, always in the name of eco-sustainability, increasing productivity.

Project Solution

After a thorough inspection and the interface with the technicians of the Spitali company, the choice fell on a complete mobile solution capable of providing heat for drying, ready for use. A 9 meters skipe platform containing the heat generator, fuel sampling system, biomass storage, protective cover for atmospheric agents, auxiliary lights for maintenance and grill ventilation and inspection openings.

The Kalorina K210 LE-PA, the latest model produced, is characterized by important certifications that outline suitability for CLASS 5 in 5 stars, low emissions and high efficiency, according to the most restrictive regulations currently in force throughout Europe. Equipped with lambda probe, muticyclone filter, built-in safety devices and remote management with app. A system at your fingertips, simple to manage with built-in combustion chamber and tube bundle cleaning systems.

    • Boiler model
      Kalorina k210 LE-PA class 5
    • Installed power
      210 kWatt
    • Power modulation
      25 to 100%
    • Fuels
      Wood chips and pruning waste
    • System storage autonomy
    • Loading system
      Crossbow transport with movable arms
    • Hydraulics
      Built-in hydraulic kit assembled and sized according to project specifications.
    • Platform loading systems
      Movable roof opening

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