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Skat Kart Circuit in Targu Secuiesc

With the new pellet boiler, the circuit reopens the doors for the official karting races and for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Built in 1988, the historic Skat Kart track of Targu Secuiesc has been for many years the only approved circuit for competitions and official races in the country. In 2011, the circuit is included in the Regional Operational Program and co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund, then renewed and expanded to re-enter the circuit of competitions and official competitions. Today, the Skat Kart circuit, with its approved 1431 mt track, which meets the highest safety standards set by the International Karting Federation (FIK), is home to the national Karting Championship - Rotax Max Challenge Romania, but also ideal to organize private events, such as motor track days or Pilot School, for adult racers and children with different levels of experience. To make the experience more enjoyable, the project included the construction of a new structure, close to the track with spaces for the Pilot School, for members of the Private Karting Club, as well as a refreshment area for participants and spectators of the races.

Type of intervention:new air conditioning system

Installer:S.C. KFT Import Export Romwald SRL, a company specialized in the design and installation of hydraulic and technological systems for civil and industrial heating, Tatano partner in the area.

Tatano products:wood / wood pellet boiler, model Kalorina K 2213 E, from the range of medium power boilers, suitable for heating large spaces.


Customer's need:

The need was to find the best solution for the energetic energy supply of the structure, able to overcome the criticality represented by the important volume to be heated and by the fact that the building is used occasionally.

Project solution

The heating solution with the wood / wood pellet boiler Kalorina K2213 E, tailor-made to meet the architectural requirements of the technical compartment, perfectly adapts to the needs of the structure to have a "turbo" system and to quickly heat the building.

    • Surface
      1300 m²
    • Boiler model
      K2213 E (n. 1)
    • Installed thermal power
      151 kW
    • System type
      Water / air thermal exchange (fan coil units)
    • Inertial Accumulation
      N. 2 Puffers for a capacity of 1000L of technical water;
    • Fuels
      wood pellets, wood
    • Fuel storage
      hopper (190 L)
    • Break even point
      4 years

Project details

The heart of the system is the Kalorina K2213 E wood pellet / wood boiler, a very excellent performance boiler with low fuel consumption. Thanks to the high-water content, it was not necessary to provide a hydraulic compensator and other accessories, which greatly simplified the installation phase.

The storage tanks of 500 liters each, guarantee at all times the availability of water even for important withdrawals. The water treatment system with water softener avoids problems of encrustations in the system.

The burial system is managed by a digital regulation that allows the continuous diagnosis of the whole system, even from the remote