Cantina Vitis Metamorfosis
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Floricoltura in serra


Copaceni, Romania

Cantina Vitis Metamorfosis Vadu Sapat, Romania

Sustainable viticulture and energy saving with a boiler capable of converting production waste into fuel.

The Antinori family has been producing wine for over 600 years, with a long history of over 26 generations teaching the constant respect for tradition and the land. The quality of tradition, passion, innovative spirit and sometimes courageous choices have allowed it to become one of the excellences in the world of wine production. In addition to the land cultivated in Tuscany and Umbria, Antinori continuously experiments in other areas suitable for the production of quality wines, both in Italy and abroad with the aim of promoting the new terroir.

The local varieties grown in the vineyards of the Fintesti area, convinced the Marquis Piero Antinori to start the Vitis Metamorfosis project in Dealu Mare: organic grapes grown on a surface of 15 hectares and sustainable viticulture, already obtaining the certification from Austria Bio Guarantee, one of European leaders in the certification of organic farming.

The Cellar is located in Vadu Sapat, and has been completely renovated and renewed in 2012-2014 with a view to environmental sustainability and maximum energy savings. Together with the cellar, an auditorium was set up for workshops and conventions, a bookshop, a shop of flavors, where you can taste wine and local food.


Type of intervention: new boiler installation

Installer: SC Pora Construct srl, a company specializing in the installation of hydraulic and technological systems for civil and industrial heating, Tatano partner in the area.

Tatano products: wood / wood pellet boiler, model K2206 E with Sil -Max 800.

Project solution:
The heating system, with the installation of a Kalorina K2206 E multi-fuel boiler able to use marcs with rasps as fuel, as well as the integration of solar thermal and the rainwater collection that is reused in the plant, fits perfectly in this design choice.

    • Surface area
      600 sq. m.
    • Boiler model
      K2206 E (N.1)
    • Installed thermal power
      69 kW
    • Type of system
      centralized, high temperature;
    • Fuels
      marc with raspe, sunflower pellets, wood pellets;
    • Fuel storage
      Sil-Max 800, standard hopper;
    • Estimated annual savings
      60% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

The installed Kalorina K2206 E provides for heating the entire structure and at the same time a part of the heat produced is used to naturally guarantee the ideal temperature for the production and storage of wine. The boiler with the automatic loading of the fuel can exploit the classic granular biomass, such as wood pellets, sunflower pellets, the classic logs of wood or grapevine loaded manually, but also the skins with scrap raspe from processing, resulting in savings on costs for the company, while the Sil-Max 800 hopper provide long-lasting heating intervals.

The burial system converges on a collector from where the outlets for the floor system start, for the radiators and for the HSW boiler, combined with the solar thermal system.

The solution adopted ensures high returns and maximum comfort in all the premises of the structure