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Rota Deferente Carpentry

A biomass boiler capable of converting production waste by enhancing it like a resource

Type of intervention:energy efficiency of the production sector

Tatano products: Biomass boiler, model Kalorina K2308 E, prepared with briquette-sized disc, "tailor-made" customization to meet the needs of the project.


Customer's need:

The historic carpentry of the Rota Deferente family decides the modernization of its production sector in the face of a need for a rapid centralized and sustainable heating, with a view to energy saving thanks to the possibility of using its production by-products as fuel.

Project solution

Following an energy analysis, the conversion of the old 80 kW Hoval boiler only fueled with wood, with a multi-fuel biomass boiler, model Kalorina K 2308 E has been undertaken, which meets the heating needs of the various production departments as well as commercial offices, for a surface of 800 square meters.

    • Boiler Model
      Kalorina k 2308 E (n. 1)
    • Installed thermal power
      93 kW
    • Replaced Thermal power
      80 kW
    • Type of system
      centralized, low temperature, with floor system;
    • Inertial storage
      2000 litres of technical hot water
    • Fuel used
      Pellet according to EN 14961-2, sawdust and wood briquettes
    • Pellet storage
      Standard silo
    • Annual savings
      75% compared to fossil fuels

Project details

The main feature of the Kalorina K2308 E boiler is the remarkable power combined with the maximum flexibility in the choice of fuels, which allows them to exploit both granular biomass, such as pellets, chips or shavings from processing waste, but also the classic wood logs and briquettes with manual loading. In order to meet the customer's needs and guarantee a continuous and automatic loading of the wood briquettes inside the combustion chamber, the boiler has been personalized "made to measure" and prepared with a disc sized briquette.

The zone system, with radiant floor heating, is managed by a bio-climatic control unit.

The solution adopted ensures high yields and maximum comfort of all the premises of the structure.