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Poultry farming

Pellet boiler Class 5 for environmentally sustainable heating of biological breeding

Type of intervention:opening of the production site with the construction of the ex-new air conditioning system.

Installer:Idrofiamma s.r.l, Authorized Technical Service Tatano, a leading company in the field of thermotechnics specializing in turnkey services for civil and industrial structures. From the inspection to the first ignition, from the thermal analysis to the system design, plant proposals respectful of both national and local regulations.

Type of project: PSR measure in Veneto region

Tatano products:Class 5 pellet boiler, model Kalorina K375 LE-PA (Low Emission); SCB02 automatic leaf extraction and transport system.


Customer's need:

The opening of a new poultry production site able to supply high quality Italian products, with the maximum attention to the quality of the production processes in compliance with the standards of biological growth with the aim of achieving a poultry production of 20.000 AIA chickens at the month.

Respect for the environment, energy saving and maximum technology not only represented the minimum requirements for regional scores, but also a strategic choice of the company to demonstrate a strong sense of responsibility towards society and the territory.

Project solution

To the high standards of energy efficiency and environmental protection contribute the Tatano technologies chosen to realize the heating system: the pellet boiler in class 5, model Kalorina K375 Low-Emission, which thanks to a consolidated combustion technique allows you to reduce the emissions of CO, Nox and particulate with a yield up to 92%.

Complete the "turnkey" solution, the partner Idrofiamma with the construction of the building works in a workmanlike manner of the thermal power plant and the heating system of the sheds. .

    • Boiler Model
      Kalorina K375 LE-PA Low -Emission (n. 1)
    • Installed thermal power
      375 kW
    • Type of system
      centralized, water / air heat exchange through N° 10 air heaters 35 kW each
    • Inertial storage
      3000 liters
    • Fuel used
      wood pellets class A1 certified EN 14961-2 and chips certified EN 14961-4
    • Fuel storage volume
      65 m³
    • Fuel Extraction / transport
      Leaf extraction (SCB02)

Project details

The centre of the system is the Kalorina K375 LE-PA (Low Emission) boiler, with certification according to EN 303-5: 2012 and exceeding the highest safety standards imposed by the new Machinery Directive 2006/42 / EEC, guarantees very high efficiency and minimum environmental impact rewarded also by the Conto Termico.

Combined with a high temperature system, with water / air heat exchange, it ensures a uniform distribution of heat for each compartment of the two sheds through a system of cubic aero terms to the roof. Thanks to the high-tech regulation systems and the possibility of interfacing with the bioclimatic regulation of each environment, it is able to adapt the power to the real heat requirement for each growth phase of the chicks. Through the Remote Control, all the system is continuously monitored by our STA.