Colombo Imballaggi
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Heating of companies and production sites

Customer requirement::

With an extended structure of about 600 square meters, Colombo Imballaggi, historic production site of wooden packaging for storage and transportation, decides the energy redevelopment of the heating system with the aim of optimizing consumption and reducing disposal costs and enhancing its processing residues transforming it into a resource - the raw material of the new plant.

Project solution

With this in mind, the intervention involved replacing a diesel oil boiler (50 kW) and a 350-kW hot air generator with two boilers, model Kalorina K2309 LE-PA (100 kW), fueled with wood chips and sawdust that provided for both the heating of the building and the production of domestic hot water.


Type of intervention: energy redevelopment
Tatano Products: wood chips boiler model Kalorina K2309 LE- PA; leaf spring fuel extraction system SCB02

    • Boiler Model
      Kalorina K2309 LE- PA (n°2, da 100 kW)
    • Installed thermal power:
      200 kW
    • Thermal power replaced
      400 kW
    • Type of system
      water / water and water / air thermal exchange
    • Fuel used
      chips certified EN 14961-4 and self-produced sawdust
    • Technical water buffer tank
      2 puffers for a total of 2600 liters
    • Vector fluid distribution
      radiators and fan coils
    • Fuel storage / extraction
      Direct / SCBO2 leaf spring system
    • Estimated annual savings
      60% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

The K2309 LE-PA boiler is ideal for combustion of wood chips and sawdust with a high efficiency of up to 90%. The combination of the exchange surface cleaning accessories and the Low-NOx combustion technology ensures very low pollutant emissions. The installation also involved the creation of two fuel storage bunkers, with internal leaf extraction systems, suitable for heterogeneous fuels. The technical storage capacity is 2600 L. The entire system is managed by an electronic-digital regulation.