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Agricultural greenhouses of Presto Agri

Ecological heating of the Presto Agri agricultural greenhouses, model of environmental sustainability

Type of intervention: new air conditioning system

Designer: Certhon Greenhouse, the Dutch company specializing in fully automated climatic installations in the protected surface of the horticultural sector.

Installer: the whole system was realized by the installer company SC Cipsor Construct SRL, Tatano partner

Tatano products: biomass boiler, Kalorina K500 LE-PA Low Emission model (Class 5) and articulated auger feeder with 180° orientation.

Customer need:

An area of 3000 square meters for a new ultra-modern greenhouse dedicated to the cultivation of aromatic plants in pots for the enhancement of natural and healthy products, with the latest generation technologies: ultra-modern irrigation systems, water quality control and heating.

The customer has specifically requested a system with high performance in terms of efficiency and ease of management, aware that an innovative heating system capable of guaranteeing significant energy savings is undoubtedly an investment. Furthermore, the company aims to become a model to be also followed for environmental sustainability and the use of renewable energy sources.

Project solution

In this context, the choice of a latest generation pellet boiler, model Kalorina K500 LE-PA (Low Emission) of 520 kW, serves the complete heating of the greenhouse.

The goal is to create a low-emission plant, since the company invests in the production of briquettes of agricultural plant residues necessary for feeding the plant, thus creating a zero-kilometer supply chain.

The complete plant from the storage to the discharge of combustion gases has been customized to the specific needs of the customer and adapted for the use of alternative fuels, specifically, agricultural waste: agri-pellets, briquettes of vegetable residues and cereals.

    • Surface
      3000 m²
    • Model
      K 500 LE-PA Low Emission (n. 1)
    • Installed thermal power
      520 kW
    • Inertial Storage
      N. 1 Puffer for a capacity of 90 m3 of technical water
    • System type
      low temperature radiant / water tube heat exchangers, fan coil units
    • Fuels
      cereal waste, agro-pellets, briquettes of agricultural vegetable residues
    • Fuel storage
      Direct / extraction with articulated feeder
    • Storage volume
      10 m³
    • Break-even point
      5 years
    • Estimated annual savings
      70% compared to fossil fuel

Project and installation details

The Kalorina K500 LE-PA biomass boiler with articulated feeder extraction system is equipped with automatic cleaning, Lambda Control regulation of primary and secondary air, flue gas recirculation system and a multi-cyclonic flue gas treatment system which, subsequently at the tests carried out, it showed a high efficiency and polluting emissions below the envisaged limits.

The radiant heating uses water at low temperature (50 ° C) for culture tables and partly at 90 ° C for fan coil units and the greenhouse thaw circuit.

The system carried out according to the "always open puffer" principle is equipped with a 90 000-liter inertial storage tank. This tank is loaded with heat from the boiler in the phases of least request by the greenhouse and then discharged in parallel to the boiler itself in the moments of maximum demand. Thanks to the large storage of technical water, the boiler can always be expressed at 100% of the power, achieving high efficiency and keeping combustion residues to a minimum.