33 MW installati in una serra Eco-sostenibile
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33 MW installed in an Eco-sustainable greenhouse

High-tech biomass system with low environmental impact

Type of intervention: energy redevelopment

Designer: Tatano snc

Installer: SC Termodav SRL

Tatano products: biomass boiler model K23300 EPA Q FMC LC; mobile raked floor in drivable version; centralized ash removal system.


Customer needs

The customer's objective was to restore 12 hectares of obsolete greenhouses, renovate the entire company’s activity, as well as upgrade the energy plant with the aim of reducing energy costs and giving an ecological footprint to the production.

Project solution

the energy redevelopment project proposes an innovative thermal system designed and developed on the specific needs of the customer: the use of alternative fuels *, in particular, agricultural waste: corn cores, cereal waste, sunflower, as the company will invest in the production of the necessary agri-pellets and will therefore implement a zero-kilometre supply chain.

    • Surface area
      120 000m2 (12 hectares)
    • Boiler model
      K23300 EPA Q FMC LC (N.11)
    • Installed thermal power
      33 MW
    • Type of system
      centralized, high temperature;
    • Fuels
      corn cores, sunflower husk, grain waste, agri-pellets;
    • Fuel storage
      Mobile raked floor (driveway version)
    • Surface / Volume of storage
      680 sqm / 2000 m3
    • Ash extraction system
      centralized, with mobile rakes outside the technical compartment, in a special tipping container.
    • Estimated annual savings
      70% compared to fossil fuel

Project details

11 Multi-fuel boilers, model Kalorina K23300 EPA Q FMC LC (3000 kW), integrated with 6 inertial tanks with a total capacity of 3000 m3 of technical water for heating of agricultural greenhouses.

The boilers with a fully automatic operation are equipped with pneumatic cleaning systems, ash extraction screw conveyors from the combustion chamber, screw burners with control and regulation of primary, secondary and tertiary combustion air through the inverter that ensures a perfect mixing with the combustion gases. The advanced Lambda Control combustion allows to achieve a performance level up to 92% even at partial load. The refractory vaults, with special geometry, and the multi-cyclones fumes dedusters integrated on the machine ensure low particulate values and polluting emissions.

For the back-up solution the boilers were provided as standard with gas burners, with an automatic operation program, as an alternative to biomass.





To ensure the complete autonomy of the boilers, to reduce the costs of fuel logistics and maintenance operations for the cleaning and disposal of the ashes have been designed and customized the following devices:

  • The mobile floor storage system with rowing system in the drivable version, as a specific customer solution.
  • The central ash extraction system for the recovery of combustion chamber ashes, heat exchanger and powders from the multi-cyclone with removal by mobile rakes outside.
  • The Can Bus Controller system is practical and easy to use, allowing you to monitor and adjust the system remotely, via the PC.