Progetto di riqualificazione energetica
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Heating of accommodation facilities

The energy requalification project, conducted by Water Sol partner, carried out at the AquaMirage Marrakech hotel, was characterized by a radical change in the heating solution from a fossil source to a totally renewable energy source.

Strategic choice in favor not only of the environmental footprint of the structure but in perfect line with environmental protection.
The structure can accommodate up to 1400 people and has 600 rooms equipped with all comforts.

The previous thermal power plant adjacent to the structure consisted of gas boilers whose overall heating cost was around 300,000 euros/year.
For the new thermal power system, Tatano has provided two latest generation Tatano boilers, model KALORINA K2350 EPA, equipped with an SCB02 automatic fuel transport system, automatic cleaning of both the tube bundle and the fuel chamber for a continuous operating time of approximately 7000 hours/year without machine downtime, wi-fi module for remote control.

In addition to this, technical water puffer for a total of 15 cubic meters were installed. The boilers are currently powered by exhausted and dedusted olive husks and wood chips.

Furthermore, the heating of the two swimming pools, the spa center inside the structure and domestic hot water for the services have been carried out.

    • Model
      n°2 x 581 kW K 2350 EPA model
    • Useful power
      1162 KW
    • Fuel storage
      N°2 SCB02 leaf spring transport systems
    • Expected savings
    • Break-even point
      Less than 3 years

Project details