Efficientamento energetico Casa di Cura per anziani
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Energy efficiency in nursing home for the elderly

Misericórdia nursing home in Macedo de Cavaleiros , as part of a renovation project for its accommodation facility, has carried out a project to replace fixtures and modernize the heating systems followed by our partner Biocasca (Portugal). Project included in programs financed by the EU with the aim of improving the comfort of its users and also reducing its environmental and energy consumption.

The accommodation facility extends for 2800 square meters with the need for high temperature system heating and domestic hot water production.

The solution proposed by Tatano falls into the “kalorina K2218 EPA” models, totally electronic models complete with automatic cleaning systems of the tube bundle and the combustion chamber.

    • Model
      n° 2 x K2218 EPA
    • Useful power
      418 kW
    • Fuels
      Wood pellets according to EN 17255-2
    • Fuel storage
      standard hopper and additional 2 tons hopper
    • Expected savings
      60% compared to gas
    • Break even point
      3 years