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Blu Evo medium power boiler

Power range: from 160 to 300 kW

Caldaia di media potenza Blu Evo

Blu Evo: the new combustion technology with an exclusive patent, developed by Tatano, also available in high power range

It represents the latest dimension of the gasification technique for pellets and wood chips and contains the experience and expertise of over 30 years of research to offer you efficient and clean heating that is respectful of life and future generations!

With the new range of medium power Blu Evo boilers, Tatano takes innovation and invention to new heights. From careful design that strictly complies with Eco-design and LCA (Life Cyclecriteria Assessment), to the construction features that enhance functional design, energy efficiency and durability, marks a turning point in the evolution of biomass heating: healthy heat that warms the present, preserving the future.

The medium power Blu Evo range, in Class 5, guarantees high energy efficiency (performance up to 98%) with reduced dust emissions (less than 10 mg/ Nmc), allowing access to numerous grants: Conto Termico, Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), White Certificates, Industria 4.0, regional PNRR AND PSR and foreign regulations compatible with EN 303-5:2021.

It is ideal in the most complex sectors of use such as commercial buildings, agricultural companies, accommodation facilities, public bodies up to district heating networks, as a monovalent system or for cascade solutions, both for new systems and for redevelopments.


The advantages

  • Ideal both for flexible use in intermediate potential ranges and for continuous use beyond 5000 hours per year;
  • Boiler ready for use, thanks to the self-supporting structure, the containerized covering and the forkable platform for simple installation, it allows installation both inside and outside the technical compartments;
  • Maximum convenience of use and easy maintenance thanks to the access doors on 3 sides; management and assistance service oriented to the individual needs of the system operator via the System Evolution software*
  • Eco-design 2022 criteria and LCA methodology applied from design to disposal: 90% of the materials are recoverable at the end of the product's life;
  • Co2-neutral combustion technique that reduces fine dust emissions to a minimum, even without a particulate filter. The environmental performance of Blu Evo, classified with 5 stars for low dust emissions, allows installation in areas with restrictions on environmental pollution (˂ 10 mg/ Nmc).
  • Energy efficiency class A++, for maximum performance and minimum electricity consumption both in the start-up phase (only 250 W) and in the operating phase (80 W) and silent operation (˂60 dB).
  • Immediate savings thanks to the incentives provided by the Conto Termico 2.0, Industria 4.0, White Certificates, Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE), regional PNRR and PSR and foreign regulations compatible with EN 303-5:2021.
  • With integration into hybrid systems: solar thermal or photovoltaic it becomes even more ecological and allows for greater energy savings.

Customized Project

  • Each system is designed based on the specific needs of the customer, as well as in compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries;
  • “Turnkey” plant, from feasibility analysis to commissioning.
    • Power range
      from 160 to 300 kW
    • Power modulation range
      1:7 (14% to 100%)
    • Boiler class (according to EN 303-5:2021)
      class 5
    • Energy class (ErP)
      class A++
    • Environmental class
      5 Stars (D.M. 186/2017)
    • Applications
      Multi-family homes and condominiums, public and commercial structures, industries and district heating networks, both in the case of redevelopment and new systems
    • Biomass to be used
      Wood pellets EN ISO 17225-2
    • Operation
      digital electronic combustion regulation via touchscreen display
    • Types of system
      - The integration of the boiler with the puffer is mandatory to maximize energy efficiency and offer excellent performance for the heating system - at high and/or low temperatures (radiators, radiant panels, fan coils)
    • Other characteristics
      The intelligent touch controller measures the total energy balance, optimizes consumption thanks to the online connection and stores excess energy in the puffer. This allows you to further save fuel and make the most of your energy system

Innovation and invention for ecological and sustainable heat

The boiler is equipped with a patented steel and refractory combustion reactor, which integrates a temperature detection probe and brazier filling control via a level switch. The system includes a gasification area, a direct combustion area and a post-combustion area with three oxygenation stages and targeted air inlets, capable of reducing the dust generated thanks to the vortices created inside, for CO2 combustion neutral.

Ignition system

The motorized telescopic resistor with top-down ignition, also patented, significantly reduces the levels of CO, NOx and PP even from the ignition phase, improving combustion efficiency.

Furthermore, the telescopic system has the task of both engaging the flame and automatically extracting the spark plug from the fire surface once the ignition phase is completed, thus avoiding melting.

High efficiency exchanger

The vertical heat exchanger, cleaned regularly by pendulum turbulators, and the constant cleaning of the reactor via a rotary mechanical system that collects the ash in the removable drawers with micro switch and hermetic closure, ensure high energy efficiency from 94% up to 98 %, even at partial load.

The new Blu Evo range, with its advanced gasification technology, offers high efficiency as standard, maximizing the energy potential of the pellets and reducing consumption and heating costs.

Containerized structure: Boiler ready for use.

The revolutionary design of the Blu Evo Pellet combines extraordinary technical features with a versatile structure that simplifies design, installation and maintenance. 

The boiler offers maximum practicality, thanks to its self-supporting structure, the containerized covering and the forkable platform which allow installation both inside and outside the technical compartments.

The management of the system is simplified thanks to the cleaning system of the exchange surfaces and the agitator for the removal of the ashes, ensuring uninterrupted operation. With well-insulated and watertight ash disposal drawers, cleaning operations are optimized, with automatic notifications on your smartphone, for easy maintenance. The access doors on three sides further facilitate maintenance interventions, while the System Evolution* software offers a personalized assistance service to satisfy every need.

The boiler includes as standard a 300 L hopper for manual pellet loading, with a mandatory expansion system to guarantee greater operating autonomy of the system, and this is why Tatano offers tailor-made solutions based on the layout of the rooms and to the type of fuel used.

Integrated safety: high-tech devices guarantee reliable performance in every operational phase of the boiler.

The Blu Evo boiler complies with rigorous safety standards. Thanks to technologically advanced devices, it offers reliability and safety in all operational phases.

Touch controller for smart heat

Touch controller integrated into the entire regulation system as standard. Featuring an intuitive touchscreen interface, the controller offers automatic operation and the ability to manage all functions through the 4 application Heat supplied. Thanks to connectivity with the most popular home automation systems, it allows better control of the environment and helps reduce heating costs. Settings can be easily changed via the app, allowing access from your smartphone, tablet or PC, wherever you are. Furthermore, with your consent, the Tatano support service can carry out remote checks and resolve any problems at any time, guaranteeing immediate support.

The PA Kit (Automatic Cleaning)

Pneumatic cleaning system of the tube bundle, as an accessory, not only ensures impeccable combustion, but guarantees better efficiency and emission values, with reduced maintenance interventions on the boiler.

The tube bundle cleaning process is managed by an electrical panel which regulates the sequential opening of the valves at adjustable time intervals. This occurs through a cyclic sequencer, adapting to specific cleaning needs. The valves release the compressed air stored in the tank, generating a shock wave in the sleeves positioned behind the exchanger. This action occurs at the groups of smoke pipes to be cleaned, ensuring thorough and efficient cleaning.

Motorized screw ash extractor

The motorized screw ash extractor, with four external collection drawers on wheels, allows the automatic conveyance of the ash from the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger towards a collection channel with conveyance into the dedicated external container, ensuring simple and easy cleaning. 

Safety hydraulic unit

To guarantee completely safe boiler operation, there is the possibility of integrating as an accessory the hydraulic group complete with anti-condensation mixing valve, circulator, primary side expansion vessel, electronic pressure switch for min and max pressure, pressure gauge, vent valve, valve 3 bar safety; the sizing of the safety group will be adjusted according to project needs.

System Evolution (PRO version)

Advanced software that allows the Tatano assistance service to carry out remote checks and resolve any problems at any time, guaranteeing immediate support.

This software tool, mandatory for access to industria 4.0 grants, allows you to access the following functions from a PC:

  • Storage of programs/parameter sets by product
  • Creation, import, export of programs
  • Download programs to the Control Board
  • Reading, archiving of the program from the Board
  • Real-time monitoring of operating data
  • Mode Lab
  • GSM/WEB remote control function
  • Variable management
  • Personalized multitab display
  • Tools for creating customized monitors
  • Multilingual database management
  • Real-time parameter management
Agitatore con molle a balestra SCB02

Agitator with leaf springs SCB02

The leaf spring agitator extraction and conveying system is the ideal solution for the transfer and the dosing of wood chips, for wood pellets or other compatible biomass, coming from a floor storage hopper and directed to boiler, through the cockpit fall, up to the dosing auger.

The extraction device is suitable for wood chips of class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 (G50), according to EN 17225-4, for sawdust (EN 17225-3) and transport of industrial wood pellets Class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2).

The system is compatible for Kalorina K23 E / EPA, K25 E / EPA wood chip boilers (151 kW - 1 MW / 1 - 3 MW), on class 5 boilers of the Kalorina LE-PA / Low Emission series (135-475 kW), with cylindrical silo.

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Caldaia di media potenza Blu Evo
Copia di Blu Evo medium power boiler
Power range: from 160 to 300 kW