The tested and safe standard system

Tatano offers the optimal solution for large pellet deposits thanks to an extraction system with an articulated screw feeder.

The position of the extraction auger, placed horizontally in depth, allows the efficient transport of pellets and granular biomasses to the boiler; it also makes it possible to make optimal use of the room's volume and completely empty the deposit.

The feeder adjacent to the boiler compartment, is placed on the same level and develops in length, in different dimensions. This system, convenient and efficient, is absolutely reliable and distinguishes itself for silent operation with minimal maintenance interventions.


  • Large storage volumes with consequent autonomy of the system
  • Clean and dust-free pellet transport and complete emptying of the deposit.
  • Low running costs in use and maintenance.
  • Existing rectangular shaped compartment that becomes compatible with the pellet storage system.
  • High resistance to wear of the auger thanks to the stainless-steel spiral
  • Reduced power consumption thanks to the prevention of mechanical resistance.
    • Suitable for biomasses like
      - Wood pellet class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2); - Olive husk, minced shells, marc of olives (EN 17225-6)
    • System valid for
      - Wood pellet (151 kW- 1 MW) for Kalorina K22 E/ EPA, K24 E/EPA series; - Boilers class 5 for Kalorina LE-PA/Low Emission series.
    • Filling system
      pneumatic (from the truck) or by mechanical devices (through special loading hatches).
    • Geared motor group
      400 Volt (3 phases)
    • Standard length
      3 m
    • Maximum length
      5 m
    • Useful suction length
      from 2 m to 4 m, through the sampling ports
    • Maximum pellets loading height
      2,45 m

The conveyor screw has a high resistance to wear thanks to the stainless-steel spiral contained inside the conveyor tube and made of painted carbon steel (on request also in 304 or 316 L stainless-steel).

The pellet is taken from the depot through the sampling ports, brought into the fall well above the burner and dropped by gravity.

This last element makes the fuel transit and constitutes a safety system against backfire; by means of the level sensor provided inside, it activates the loading system, ensuring regular cycles towards the pick-up point from the boiler feed screw.

The articulated feeding system consists of:

  1. Geared motor unit (suitable for fuel flow);
  2. Conveyor tube with three sampling points;
  3. Helicoidal which, rotating on its axis, exerts an axial thrust component on the material contained in the conveyor tube;
  4. Capacitive level sensor that regulates the extraction screw, generating optimal intervals Fuel flow with minimum energy consumption;
  5. Automatic operation by control and programming on the boiler board;
  6. Anti-fire valves.