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Kalorina LE-PA wood chip boiler

Power range: from 135 to 475 kW

Kalorina LE-PA

Future-oriented technology

The new range of medium power boilers, Class 5, Kalorina LE - PA models, guarantees high energy efficiency with extremely low emission coefficients allowing access to: the grants provided for by the Conto Energia Termico, Energy Efficiency Certificates (TEE) and plans grants such as PRS and industry 4.0

It is ideal in the most complex areas of use, such as commercial buildings, farms, accommodation facilities, public bodies up to district heating networks, as a monovalent system or for cascade solutions, both for new plants and for redevelopment.



  • Tatano medium power boilers can be used both for use in intermediate potential fields and for continuous use over 5000 hours per year
  • They have great flexibility of installation, they can be adapted to the spaces need and the positioning of the room (solutions for heating and storage of fuel in containers)
  • They offer the possibility of universal use
  • They Reduce energy costs thanks to biomass from the short supply chain
  • They are certified to access the Conto Energia Termico and the Titoli Efficienza Energetica (TEE)


The Kalorina LE-PA medium-power boilers can be completely customized:

  • Each system is designed to meet the specific needs of the customer and in compliance with the regulations in force in the various countries
  • Each installation is turnkey: from feasibility analysis to commissioning
  • The assistance service is oriented to the individual needs of the system operator
    • Power range
      from 135 to 475 kW
    • Cascade solution
      up to 2 MW
    • Power modulation range
    • Boiler class (according to EN 303-5:2021)
      class 5
    • Combustion system
      underfed fixed grid
    • Vector fluid
    • Permissible supply temperatures
      max. 95°C
    • Maximum working pressure
      3 bar
    • Energy efficiency class
    • Environmental class (according to DM 186)
      5 stars
    • Biomasses to be used
      Wood chips (EN 17225-4)
    • Other compatible biomasses
      Wood Pellet EN 17225-2 , shawings, sawdust, wood, olive husk, marc of olives, minced shells
    • Applications
      large buildings, commercial and agricultural companies, public bodies, district heating, new buildings and redevelopment
    • Other features
      it stands out for its wide modulating operation, that is, for the ability to adapt the power to the actual heat requirement; it is a beneficial solution for municipalities and energy suppliers

High efficiency with Low - NOx combustion technology

The Tatano medium power boilers offer the possibility of using different types of fuels, with low emissions, thanks to the technologies used.

The geometry of the combustion chamber was developed by applying the fundamental fluid-dynamic principles, able to operate a subdivision of the primary air, in order to reduce NOx emissions; it is covered in refractory material with a high content of alumina and guarantees a high resistance with minimal heat loss thanks to its complete insulation.

The automatic cleaning of the exchange surfaces and the combustion chamber with screw discharge in the special ash box constantly keeps the yields high with minimum consumption. The automatic ignition and the autonomous maintenance of the flames require the minimum use of energy with maximum operating safety. The technologies used offer great autonomy of the system thanks to the wide range of accessories for storage and fuel sampling.

Maximum respect for the environment

The boilers are characterized by a low content of particulates in the exhaust gas thanks to the integrated multi-cyclone filter complete with smokes extractor, which allows to maintain the correct depression inside the combustion chamber.

Moreover, this process is made more effective thanks to the double control of combustion through the temperature probes (water/smokes), in combination with the regulation of residual oxygen content (Lambda probe) with minimum emissions even at partial load, which allows to access various forms of state incentives.

Touch controller easy to use

The Kalorina LE boiler features integrated digital electronic control with touch display and simplified navigation through the intuitive menu that allows you to regulate power, combustion temperature, depression, residual oxygen content and combustion air quantity in a wide modulation range ( 1: 4) of the power, for an optimal adaptation of the system to the actual needs.

Remote access via PC, tablet or smartphone allows remote monitoring and control of the system, as well as access to the full range of after-sales service

Pneumatic cleaning system

A clean heat exchanger is crucial for ensuring the efficiency and life span of a boiler.

The pneumatic cleaning system eliminates the ashes in the exchanger through short compressed air blows at regular intervals and which propagates with a shock wave along the tubes, cleaning the walls from the deposited particles.

In this way maintenance interventions are significantly reduced

Economizer for heat recovery from smokes

A part of the exhaust gas with a reduced oxygen content returns to the combustion chamber.

Thanks to the mixture with the primary air it guarantees the complete gasification of the fuel, it allows to lower the temperature of the combustion chamber, to reduce the particulate emissions and ensure a long life of the combustion system.

The yield is improved of about 3-7%.

Automatic ash removal

Centralized or separate automatic removal of ash from the combustion grid or multi-cyclone. In the centralized variant the mechanical removal by hydraulic rakes or extraction screws conveys the ash from the combustion grid and from the multicyclone to an external common container. In the separate variant, the ash from the combustion grid and the multi-cyclone is transported in separate containers.

Exhaust gas recirculation

In the presence of problematic fuels, it is possible to install an exhaust gas recirculation device, to reduce the temperature of the combustion chamber and lower the thermal NOx:

  • With fuels with a low ash melting point
  • With dry fuels with a high calorific value

In this way a high yield is guaranteed respecting the plant and without the formation of waste.

Remote Control

The app 4 heat offers new possibilities for controlling and managing the remote heating system via internet routers (Wi-Fi) and the Cloud server.

If the boiler setting is connected to the internet, all the heating settings can be viewed and changed directly from the smartphone, tablet or PC. In this way, it is possible to have the heating under control wherever you are.

In addition, the remote access solution allows access to the full range of services offered by the Tatano technical assistance service.

Alimentatore snodato a coclea orientabile a 180° (media potenza)

Articulated feeder with 180° orientable auger

This loading system is suitable for the transfer and metering of industrial wood pellets class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2) or other compatible biomasses for grain size EN 17225-6 Transfer the biomass from the storage depot to the boiler through the cockpit and up to the feeding screw; it can be installed directly on the Kalorina K22 E / EPA, K24 E / EPA (151 kW - 1 MW) pellet boilers and on the Class 5 boilers of the Kalorina LE-PA series to replace the standard hopper.

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Agitator with leaf springs SCB02

The leaf spring agitator extraction and conveying system is the ideal solution for the transfer and the dosing of wood chips, for wood pellets or other compatible biomass, coming from a floor storage hopper and directed to boiler, through the cockpit fall, up to the dosing auger.

The extraction device is suitable for wood chips of class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 (G50), according to EN 17225-4, for sawdust (EN 17225-3) and transport of industrial wood pellets Class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2).

The system is compatible for Kalorina K23 E / EPA, K25 E / EPA wood chip boilers (151 kW - 1 MW / 1 - 3 MW), on class 5 boilers of the Kalorina LE-PA / Low Emission series (135-475 kW), with cylindrical silo.

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Agitatore con molle a balestra SCB02
Coclea ascendente motorizzata (grandi aree)

Motorized ascending auger

Conveyor system with motorized auger tube for the transfer and metering of wood pellets from the storage depot located on the floor or below the technical compartment and directed to the boiler hopper. Suitable for pellets class A1, A2 and B EN 17225-2 or other biomasses compatible with the particle size EN 17225-6.

The system is suitable for pellet boilers of the series Kalorina K22 E / EPA, K24 E / EPA (151 kW - 1 MW) and class 5 boilers of the series Kalorina LE-PA (135-475 kW) instead at the standard hopper.

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Extraction with mobile rakes with hydraulic drive

The extraction and transport system with sliding bottom and hydraulic rakes are extremely robust and is suitable for all the most common biomass fuels; it is the ideal solution when it is desired to obtain a system that is easily adaptable to plant requirements and has proved to be particularly valid in extraction from very high capacity deposits.

The extraction device is suitable for wood chips of class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 / P63 (G50 / G80), according to EN 17225-4, for sawdust (EN 17225-3) and transport of industrial wood pellets class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2)

The system is compatible for the Kalorina K22 E / EPA, K23 E / EPA, K24 E / EPA, K25 E / EPA (1 MW - 3 MW) pellet and wood chips boilers.

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Estrazione a rastrelli mobili con azionamento idraulico
Container Stocker

Container Stocker

The extraction device is suitable for wood chips of class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 (G50), according to EN 14961-4, for sawdust (EN 14961-3) and transport of industrial wood pellets class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2)

The system is compatible for the pellet and wood chips boilers Kalorina K22 E/ EPA, K23 E/ EPA, K24 E/EPA, K25 E/ EPA (151 kW- 1 MW).

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Wide range of services from a single supplier to safeguard your investment

Among the strong points of the Tatano commercial and industrial sector, alongside the highest quality products, there is a range of services at 360 degrees aimed at providing all the necessary support to ensure the correct operation of the system and the best performance in terms of returns, reliability and sustainability.

From planning to project development, up to commissioning of the system and service, our customers benefit from the know-how of our experts and the long-standing experience of the company. This allows us to guarantee tailor-made solutions able to meet any need.

Consulting and planning

The design of a heating system must consider all the aspects connected to it in order to meet the specific application requirements and solve every single problem.
The Tatano team offers:

  • Consultancy regarding the most suitable plant solution according to the needs and the type of fuel
  • Information on the most convenient solution from an economic and ecological point of view
  • Advice on the current legislature at national and international level
  • Basic design, detail engineering and site planning

Site inspection

Tatano provides an on-site inspection of the installation site with specialized technicians, with the aim of assessing the preliminary conditions for the construction of the system.

Installation and assembly

The coordination of the works during the assembly phase of the system components is essential to guarantee the maximum punctuality of the delivery:

The Tatano team offers:

  • Supply and assembly of components at the installation site
  • Regular installation
  • Accurate checks of system performance during operation
  • Technical documentation

Maintenance, assistance and training

Careful and professional plant maintenance is a fundamental condition to guarantee efficient operation. This is why Tatano offers a complete and timely service that includes:

  • Personalized assistance with scheduled maintenance contracts
  • Service network for customer assistance with highly qualified personnel
  • Inspection and review of the system
  • Pre-installed solutions suitable for energy suppliers (for rental or leasing service)
  • Professional parts management
  • Remote diagnosis and monitoring of the system
  • Rehabilitation works and modernization of the system
  • Training courses for the system operator

Energy network

It is the ideal structure for the search for eco-sustainable solutions and cooperation for achieving the Zero Emission objectives..

An up-to-date network of professionals that includes:

  • Producers and suppliers of biomass
  • Energy certifiers
  • Design studies (EGE)
  • Energy Service Company (ESCo)
  • Energy Services Managers (GSE)
  • Installers and technical assistance centers
Kalorina LE-PA
Kalorina LE-PA medium-power wood chip boiler
Power range: from 135 to 475 kW