Versatile solution with a wide range of applications

The pneumatic loading system, easy to install and highly flexible, is the ideal solution to create a fuel deposit in any available space: adjacent rooms, above or below the technical compartment (even in those with unfavorable or difficult to access shapes).

Provides reliable and uniform emptying as well as longer transport lengths to the boiler.

It allows you to choose independently from each other, the appropriate place for the boiler and the deposit. Each boiler is able, through the standard intake turbine, to transport the pellet up to a distance of 20 meters and a maximum height difference of two floors (up to 5 meters).


  • It allows the storage of fuel in variable quantities, based on available spaces;
  • It has a gradual and continuous feeding system without operator intervention and with consequent savings in time and effort;
  • It saves costs thanks to the possibility of purchasing fuel in stock;
  • It does not need more space than necessary for a diesel heating and any existing compartment can be easily adapted in pellet storage: a few meters in the cellar, in the attic, in an unused corner of the house; offers the possibility of installation even outdoors in a position protected from the weather;
  • Silent operation thanks to the perfect acoustic insulation of the suction system combined with the large storage tank;
  • Minimum energy expenditure for design, flexible use and extremely simple installation for the installer;
  • Few basic components to which numerous available accessories can be added, to manage all plant requirements and create tailor-made solutions.
    • Suitable for biomass like:
      - Wood pellet class A1 and A2 (EN 14 961-2); - Olive husk, marc of olives and minced shells (EN 14961- 6)
    • System valid for:
      - Pellet boilers from the compact class Kalorina series MK25, K35 PV and BK25; - Kalorino fireplace KS Pellet (15.8 -31 kW); - Kalorina K20 M, K22 E, K22 EPA, BK22 E and K24 E (23-104 kW) boilers, - Class 5 boilers: Kalorina LE-PA series (Low Emission) and Kalorina MK Low Emission series.
    • Deposit filling system:
      - pneumatic from the truck; - with mechanical devices through special loading hatches; - manual loading of the bags.
    • Power unit
      230 Volt (single phase)
    • Storage hopper dimensions
      mm 990 x 990 x 1140
    • Capacity
      660 L / 460 Kg
    • Maximum load capacity
      Kg 1400
    • Elevation modules
      300 mm or 600 mm

The pneumatic loading system is suitable for any type of pellet boiler, both new and existing.
It can be installed directly in the storage compartment or combined with a hopper warehouse of different capacities.

It guarantees an automatic and continuous feeding thanks to three basic components connected to each other in an easy and intuitive way:

  • - Nova 1, Nova 2 and Nova 3 suction systems
  • - Drive control panel
  • - Dispenser dosing tank

Central vacuum unit
Sturdy and reliable, with body made of stainless steel for a long service life, it is equipped with dust container, single-phase brush motor unit with high suction power, integrated electronic control board. The connection of the suction line is reversible Right/Left.

It is extremely easy to install and also allows adaptability to all the tanks supplied to pellet boilers.
The self-extinguishing and transparent plastic material allows the installer and the user to constantly evaluate the operation of the system.

Control Panel Drive
It is integrated, has a simple and intuitive management and makes the automatic operation of the system possible.
It is equipped with an adjustment knob and two LEDs that indicate the operating status of the system; it is designed for the wiring and control of all the components suitable for automation and personalization of the systems.

The hopper storage warehouses, modular and combinable with a suction system, have been designed to be installed in any space.

Available in several sizes, they can also be expanded in height, thanks to the convenient elevation modules that allow you to expand the capacity up to 1400 kilograms.

All models are equipped with robust screw rubber adjustment feet. The use of accessories allows you to customize the system, adapting it to the most varied customer needs.