Il sole

The sun

The sun: inexhaustible source of energy!

Solar energy, which has always been a renewable source par excellence, has become the symbol of a different way of conceiving energy and, at the same time, economic development.
The energy derived from the radiation of the sun on the ground is an immense reservoir of clean, renewable and zero-cost energy.

Today, thanks to different technologies and systems, it is possible to capture and exploit in real time this big and inexhaustible source of energy to generate heat (Solar thermal) or electricity (photovoltaic).

Production of DHW and integration of heating with solar energy.

A solar thermal system allows to significantly reduce the energy costs in order to produce hot water not only for sanitary use, but also for heating. Moreover, it’s also an ecological choice, that allows to bet on a source of renewable energy and to considerably reduce CO2 emissions.

Thanks to free solar energy, to fuel saving and to different forms of incentive, it’s possible to return the costs of the initial investment in a few years.

The advantages of solar thermal system


With the solar thermal system you cut up to 60% on consumption of hot water production, compared to a gas / diesel system. This means a significant reduction in costs and low CO2 emissions. Moreover, if you use solar thermal system as integrated to your heating system, you will get additional savings in costs of necessary primary energy. A solar thermal system allows you to turn off the boiler also for 6 or 8 months a year, taking advantage of free hot water from the Sun.

About a third of the total energy demand in Italy is used for heating buildings. Energy saving systems and efficient heating systems, such as biomass or solar thermal technology, can significantly reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and thus contribute to safeguarding resources.

The solar thermal system is convenient also for the environment. Taking advantage of solar energy, free and renewable source of energy, you contribute to lowering polluting emissions into the atmosphere and helping to achieve the objectives of the Climate Plan 20-20-20 at the right time.

Deciding to install a solar thermal system is not only a personal ecological choice, but responds adequately to the FER action plan to meet energy consumption. According to the “Decreto Rinnovabili” (D-Lgs. 28/2011), in force since January 1, 2018, the new buildings and those involved in significant renovations must be equipped with systems using renewable sources, able to cover:

  • 50% of the consumption of sanitary hot water
  • 50% of the sum of heating, cooling and domestic hot water consumption

The solar thermal system fits perfectly into this framework of regulatory obligations, as it is able to meet your family's DHW needs alone, it can help you reduce fossil fuel consumption and ensure energy savings even for heating.

The installation of a solar thermal system makes it possible to increase the energy class of the heating system, increasing the energy efficiency class of the building, as well as its market value.

Installing a solar thermal system for the production of SHW or as integrated to heating system, you can take advantage of these facilitation measures:

  • 65% tax deduction provided by Ecobonus
  • 50% tax deduction in case of renovations
  • Conto Termico 2.0 (Thermal Account) to recover up to 65% of the amount spent.

The possibility to deduct most of the costs greatly reduces the payback time of the investment, making solar thermal system a really convenient choice.