The company remains close to its partners and customers by supporting smart working.

We wish to confirm our presence and closeness, reminding you that we are at your disposal from our "virtual offices" for the entire duration of the Covid-19 emergency.
Front desk coverage and of our warehouses (Cammarata, Piacenza, Bucharest) which are provided to guarantee speed of communication and efficiency in the supply of products and spare parts.

In particular, the services of:

• Technical information
• Planning aid
• Consulting on digital services
• Offers
• Technical assistance support
• Commercial support

We are fully operational and digitally via email, mobile and through Skype video conferencing.

Here are the references for your needs:

For commercial questions ; ;

For spare parts ; ;

For technical and assistance questions 

For more info
the following telephone numbers are active:
+ 39 0922 901 376 and + 39 0523609 788.

For further information
Visit the dedicated website of the Ministry of Health



Security measures implemented by Tatano

The top priority in the current situation is the health of our employees, partners and the guarantee of being able to deliver our services as efficiently as possible.

In line with our guiding principle: Responsible for energy, the territory and the environment, we have already implemented the following measures:
- Our employees are well informed of the necessary measures to be taken;
- The behavioural measures for our employees include regular hand washing with soap and water, the use of masks, the safety distance from other people and the regular cleaning of the touched surfaces.
- We have closed the production building and in the next few days we will proceed to cleaning and sanitizing it.
- We continue to work for you in Smart Working. Meetings, conferences and personal meetings have been replaced by real virtual offices and we have diverted communications via email, telephone or Skype video conference.
- We offer unlimited operations in customer service: our team of service centres is always available for emergencies. We have a pandemic plan that will be updated on a daily basis to meet all safety requirements.


Questions and answers

I need service - is this done regularly?

You can access the list of our service centres on the site and contact them only in case of urgency or real need. For safety reasons, interventions are carried out via telephone, Skype or remotely via the internet module on the boiler. Thanks for understanding.

How can the availability of spare parts be checked?

We have an internal management of our warehouses and spare parts on its digital platform, which allows us to be available quickly, especially in the event of breakdowns or errors.
To check your needs, write an email to: : - ; ;

Emergenza Covid -19