The reliable and long-lasting solution

The feeding system through a motorized auger with horizontal or upward extractor and transfer from the bottom, is the ideal solution for narrow deposits, with square or circular plan, placed on the same floor or underneath the technical compartment.

This feeding system offers several advantages: effective exploitation of the volume of the deposit, minimum expenditure of resources for design and assembly by the craftsman.


  • Reliable and extremely silent power supply system, easy installation and minimal maintenance interventions, possibility to adapt an existing room to the warehouse;
  • Increased storage volume with consequent autonomy of the system;
  • Optimal use of the deposit volume thanks to the availability of different cochlea variants tailored to the customer;
  • Flexibility of use with the possibility of horizontal, vertical and inclined use, with inclination angle from 0 ° to 45 °.
  • The motorized auger loading system can be combined with a buried tank or a fabric hopper.
    • Suitable for biomass
      - wood pellets class A1 and A2 (EN 17225-2) - olive husk, marc of olives and minced shells (EN 17225-6)
    • System valid for
      - pellet boilers 151 kW-1 MW of the Kalorina K22 E, K22 EPA, K24 E/EPA series; - class 5 boilers of the Kalorina LE-PA (135-475 kW).
    • Deposit filling system
      pneumatic from the truck or mechanically through special loading hatches
    • Power unit
      400 Volt (3 phases)
    • Diameter (Ø)
      D100/D 120/ D150
    • Angle of inclination
      from 0° to 45°
    • Capacity
      7t/h/ 13 t/h/ 20 t/h, with 45 ° auger inclination
    • Standard length
      3 m
    • Maximum length
      6 m
    • Suction unit
      through the sampling port

This efficient screw system guarantees a fast and safe loading method for pellet boilers, from a storage tank to the boiler hopper.

These are modular and customizable augers in every detail, from loading to unloading, according to the type of accessory to adapt to different applications and types of deposits.

The extensions of various lengths (from a minimum of 1 meter) are used to compose and expand the augers according to customer requirements and allow to reach a maximum length of 6 meters, with connecting sleeves.

The spiral inside the auger is self-centering, without intermediate supports; can be equipped with capacitive sensors to be applied to the boiler hopper to ensure that the auger turns into a real automatic loading system.

The motorized ascending auger consists of:

  1. Motor unit, mounted both at the exhaust (standard position) and at the load (according to design characteristics) and with belt drive.
  2. Galvanized steel conveyor pipe with sampling or suction unit.
  3. Helicoid which, rotating on its axis, exerts an axial thrust component on the material contained in the conveyor tube
  4. Capacitive level sensors to adjust the extraction screw, generating optimal fuel insertion intervals with minimum energy consumption.
  5. Automatic operation with control and programming on the boiler board.