The versatile solution for big systems

The extraction system with mobile rakes and hydraulic drive is the ideal solution for those looking for a system easily adaptable to large power plants that require a considerable capacity for fuel storage.

Ideal for large rectangular or elongated shape deposits, allows for a decentralized filling and gives the possibility to introduce large quantities of fuel in a controlled manner.

The modular mobile racks extraction system to be assembled on site (SRM), in the drive-over or non-drivable version (on specific project needs) can be realized with 2, 3 or 4 parallel rakes, available in different lengths and widths to guarantee volumes storage up to 300 m³.

The device is suitable for industrial wood chips P45, P63, M 25 (G50 / G 80, W 25) and fuels with a heterogeneous, coarse or long fiber size.


  • Large warehouses to satisfy powers from 1 MW to 3 MW, with consequent autonomy of the system.
  • Multiple configuration possibilities thanks to the modularity of the system both for the number of rakes and for the length.
  • Maximum operating safety, minimum wear, minimal maintenance interventions, great reliability over time.
    • Suitable for biomass like
      - wood chips class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 (G30 / G50) according to EN 17225-4 - sawdust (EN 17225-3) - wood pellets class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2)
    • System valid for
      wood chips / pellets for Kalorina K23 E / EPA, K22 E / EPA, K24 E / EPA and K25 E / EPA series (1 MW - 3 MW).
    • Deposit filling system:
      with mechanical devices or directly from the tipper truck (driveway)
    • Auger geared motor unit
      400 Volt (3- phases)
    • Hydraulic pistons
      from 1 to 2
    • Standard module length
      6 m / 9 m / 12 m
    • Standard Module width
      1.40 m / (not driveway) / 2.80 m (driveway)
    • Maximum loading height for pellets
      3 m / 2 m (driveway)
    • Maximum loading height for wood chips
      5 m / 4 m (vers. with driveway)

Proven technology for great performance

The modular racks with mobile rakes (from 2 to 4 rakes), must be mounted on a concrete slab made directly on site, while the front walls can be built in masonry or carpentry.
The rakes are hydraulically controlled, each module is equipped with quick-fit fittings with which it is easy to proceed with the exclusion of each individual element in case of need; they also make it possible to adapt the system to the power requirement required by the system.
A hydraulic unit is provided for every two rakes in order to make the system functioning flexible and reliable.

The integrated rakes extractor integrated inside consists of:

  • Mobile rakes of various lengths with triangular section metal profiles.
  • Special steel guides fixed in concrete, to be built on site.
  • Hydraulically driven push bars, sliding on special wear-resistant inserts.
  • Movement system composed of hydraulic pistons managed by the hydraulic power unit.
  • Extraction screw complete with reducer Motovario group (suitable for fuel flow).
  • Recovery auger complete with reducer Motovario group
  • Capacitive sensor kits that regulate the extraction screw and generate optimal fuel insertion intervals with minimum energy consumption.
  • Automatic operation through the management unit interfaced on the boiler board.
  • Independent fire protection kit (tip SLE)

Safe and reliable operation

The rakes, moved by hydraulic pistons, run on the guides allowing the movement of the fuel over the metal profiles; with the inversion of the movement, they drag it towards one end of the structure where a metal wall is mounted which stops the horizontal movement of the fuel and makes it fall into the extraction screw.
The extraction screw, mounted orthogonally, collects the fuel coming from the rakes and transfers it to the next recovery auger, which brings it towards the boiler burner.