Versatile, robust and reliable solution

Stocker containers, with hydraulic mobile rakes and integrated pre-drying system, set new standards according to transport capacity, operating safety and filling level; they represent the best solution for the logistics of medium and large power plants, regardless of the available space, as they only require an appropriate support plan.

They facilitate the transition to biomass in the field of plant energy rehabilitations and are particularly suitable for public buildings and industrial activities.

The Stocker Containers, available in the "Standard" and "Custom Made" models, guarantee storage volumes up to 120 m³, with an excellent quality / performance ratio.

The customized variant offers customizable solutions and allows numerous construction options thanks to the many variations and custom design.


  • Versatile system, minimum expenditure for the design and assembly by the craftsman
  • Provided turnkey, ready for connection to the system.
  • They guarantee large volumes of fuel storage to satisfy powers from 1 MW to 3 MW, with consequent autonomy of the plant.
  • The ease of installation, filling and unloading makes containers with raked mobile floor the best solution for business logistics, adaptable to any work situation.
  • Thanks to the integrated pre - drying system it is possible to feed the plant with dry fuel without having to take into account the "time factor" as the drying of the fuel occurs simultaneously with the combustion.
  • Maximum operating safety, minimum wear, minimal maintenance interventions, great reliability over time.
    • Suitable for biomass like
      - wood chips of class A1, A2, B1 and B2 up to grain P45 (G30 / G50), according to EN 17225-4 - Sawdust (EN 17225-3) - Wood pellets class A1, A2 and B (EN 17225-2).
    • System valid for
      wood chips / pellets for the Kalorina K23 series E / EPA, K22 E / EPA, K24 E / EPA and K25 E / EPA (151 kW - 3 MW).
    • Type of execution
      "Standard" or "Custom Made"
    • Filling system
      from above, with mechanical means
    • Structure
      self-supporting, with modular paneling walls
    • Floor
      flat surface on which the mobile rake runs
    • Roof
      openable thanks to a sliding mechanism activated by the hydraulic piston
    • Standard length
      6 m / 9 m / 12 m
    • Standard width
      2,40 m
    • Standard height
      2,80 m
    • Storage volume
      40 m³ / 60 m³ / 80 m³

Great versatility of use

In addition to being a fuel storage system in a mobile container, the Stocker can be used as a container for drying wood chips, or other biomass fuels used in heating, but also as a means of extracting and transporting fuel to the plant.
Thanks to these peculiarities, they can be applied directly to biogas and gasifier plants, to micro-co-generation plants, to district heating micro-networks, as well as to wood chip boilers

With a sturdy and weatherproof structure, and load capacity from 40 to 80 m³, they consist of a mobile raked floor suitable for storage and handling of woody vegetal biomass such as wood chips, shavings, sawdust and pruning waste. The roof can be opened and thanks to a sliding mechanism activated by the hydraulic piston facilitates the filling of the container with minimum expenditure of time and work.

Drying through the efficient use of residual heat

Thanks to a particular perforated hollow floor, our Stocker, introduces the air to the mobile bottom of the storage system and allows to dry different fuels in the same container: wood chips, shavings, cereals, cores and corn grain.

It is equipped with a connecting flange for connection to a centrifugal fan which is able to blow up the appropriate volume of air for the pre-drying of the fuel into the storage volume.

During the pre-drying phase, the pressurized air supplied by the fan passes through, from the bottom upwards, the mass of fuel; constant control of the flow and temperature is guaranteed through the frequency regulator and the waste heat recovery system in order to reduce the moisture content of the fuel.

The drying air flow rate can be taken directly from the environment or from the heat recovery of the hot fumes of the boiler itself.

Feeding a boiler with dry fuel is very important: combustion is more regular, involves lower emissions and avoids malfunctions of the system with consequent energy savings.

Safe and reliable operation

The rakes installed on the container floor run on suitable guides and allow the movement of the fuel over the triangular section metal profiles. This alternating longitudinal movement is entrusted to the hydraulic pistons, fed and controlled by solenoid valves installed on the hydraulic power unit.

The fuel is conveyed to the end of the container and poured into a discharge auger mounted orthogonally with respect to the rakes, from where it will be subsequently transferred to the recovery auger which will bring fuel to the boiler burner.

The capacitive sensor kits that regulate the extraction screw and the adjustable control unit on the boiler board ensure fully automatic operation with optimal fuel insertion intervals and maximum operating safety.