Industrial heating – Hot air generators

Heating large spaces, such as warehouses, workshops, industrial sheds, greenhouses that have large spaces, during the colder months is a fundamental imperative to allow constant and continuous work as well as continuous production of the crop in the case of greenhouse heating.

The difficulty that arises when the outside temperature becomes more and more rigid, is to be able to maintain a stable temperature despite the large volumes and the frequent recirculation of hot and cold air due to the opening of the doors in the case of industrial sheds or energy losses due to the soil and perimeter walls in the case of agricultural greenhouses, which cause rapid internal cooling of the room.

It is therefore necessary that these spaces are quickly heated, so that the internal decline is immediately resolved with new and rapid heat.

Hot air generators for industry must therefore ensure the maintenance of comfortable temperatures for workers or comfort temperatures for plant growth in the case of agricultural greenhouses, optimizing maintenance and management costs.

These different needs from structure to structure must be carefully analyzed from the design as the type of heating is a tailor-made to the company and its production / working process.

In addition to custom-made design, Tatano is able to operate up to post-sales services.

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Hot air generators

Wood pellet heating

The pellet is a natural product obtained from the wood waste (sawdust or shavings): it is compact, easily conserved and has a high calorific value; it is really a very valid alternative to traditional energy sources for heating. On the market there are different types of pellets and different elements to consider when you choose it (humidity, presence of glue, ashes, calorific value); to protect the consumer, several European directives certify its quality and guarantee its safety.

Wood chips heating

The wood chips or chips are obtained from forest thinning, logs, pruning residues and is a valid fuel for boilers and heating systems. With the term chips are indicated shredded wood with the help of special machines, until reaching a size between 1 mm and 6 cm. The fine woodchip, defined G30 is smaller than 3 cm and is suitable for small systems with automatic operation, while the industrial chips or G60 is less than 6 cm and suitable for boilers with high power.