Fireplaces: design and comfort

Is it possible to arrive at a heating solution that combines maximum comfort and furniture?

It is essential today to look for a valid heating system capable of embellishing and giving that touch of elegance to the furniture by focusing on functionality and efficiency without neglecting the aesthetic aspect.

The thermo-fireplaces of the Tatano line are able to offer maximum comfort, leaving free choice on the type of coating.

Until a few years ago, the concept of furniture was limited to the sole arrangement of furniture and objects within the home environment. We therefore turned to a furniture maker with the sole objective of occupying the available space with something beautiful.

The concept of “home furnishings” has changed today. Often, we face stressful and very demanding work rhythms, we spend much more time in the office than at home so the very concept of HOME has changed today. We no longer think about LIVING HOME but LIVING THE HOME.

The home is intimacy, the place to escape the chaos of everyday life, a sort of refuge from chaotic life and a place where each of us creates our own habitat. A habitat designed to live well in harmony with one's own spaces, tailored to those who experience it as its maximum expression.

Color, lighting, acoustics and heating help to provide a balance in what we call "comfort". Comfort is subjective, there is no unit of measurement to define it and there is no yardstick to make a comparison.

This is why the detail gives completeness, uniqueness and personality to the space. And if the detail is also functionality then you get to the maximum perfection.

Here the idea of Tatano with the KALORINO KS interior line designed to offer the customer an efficient heating solution, a product born from the skill of its craftsmen. A product that allows you to express all your creativity in the coating and any detail to make the environment in which we live unique.


Wood pellet heating

The pellet is a natural product obtained from the wood waste (sawdust or shavings): it is compact, easily conserved and has a high calorific value; it is really a very valid alternative to traditional energy sources for heating. On the market there are different types of pellets and different elements to consider when you choose it (humidity, presence of glue, ashes, calorific value); to protect the consumer, several European directives certify its quality and guarantee its safety.

Wood heating

Wood is the traditional biomass used for heating. To guarantee a good calorific value it must be well dried, stored correctly and with a low humidity. It continues to be a valid solution for those who live in mountain and wooded areas and for those who can obtain this fuel at low cost and in an autonomous way.