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Discover the Tatano energy efficiency network!

Tatano offers its network of partners, renewable energy companies, professionals, able to satisfy any type of request and service.

Who is the partner of the Tatano energy efficiency network?

Tatano chooses its partners for its seriousness and professionalism; this means continuous training, experience in the installation of Tatano brand products, knowledge of regulations and customer care.


Our partners regularly attend practical / theoretical training courses at the company, are specialized and competent in advising the most efficient heating and domestic hot water production solutions. Furthermore, they are constantly updated on technological innovations to improve the comfort and energy performance of your home.


Our partners can perform the energy check-up of your system to evaluate their efficiency and advise you on a more efficient solution for energy savings. In addition, they will be able to inform you about the tax benefits provided for the replacement of the boiler and recommend the most suitable financial solutions for your needs.

Technical support

Tatano offers its partners consulting and constant technical support in all phases of realization of a thermal system, from the project to the first ignition. .

The involved subjects

Energy Certifications APE are authorized to issue the energy performance certificate and they can be either a natural person or a company. Their task is to certify the energy performance of the building in accordance with the current national and regional norms, in the case of new buildings or redevelopment, evaluating the building envelope and the equipment in the building

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Woody biomass producers for energy purposes represent companies operating in the biomass productive sector of solid agroforestry biomass (firewood, wood chips, pellets and / or briquettes) that have chosen a path of legality, professional qualification and certification of qualitative conformity of products placed on the market. companies which operate in the productive sector of the solid biomass agroforestry (firewood, chips, pellets and/or briquettes) that have chosen a path of legality, professional qualification and certification of quality conformity of products placed on the market.

The companies undertake to achieve the quality requirements in accordance with current ISO 17225, of the product or products of greater commercial interest for the company (ex. wood chips A1, A2, B1; firewood, agro-pellets and / or agro-briquet).

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The complexity of modern heating systems, as well as the ability to interconnect systems that use different sources of energy, with undoubted advantages for the user, make necessary the presence of a professional expert in thermotechnical and energy aspects, able to provide his client the "Ad-Hoc" solution that best fits the specific application. The era of "copy / paste" is over and the era of sustainable and efficient design and inspired design has begun.

Thanks to teamwork, with different design studios, we can propose and implement projects that are able to satisfy customer needs and with the utmost respect for the surrounding environment, producing the least impact on it.

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Improving the quality of life of the customer is one of the core values of Tatano philosophy. From this promise starts the collaboration with architects in order to promote sustainability in architecture.

The collaboration stimulates the need for a deeper knowledge of building and a greater dialogue between the intelligent use of heating technologies, architecture and design in rethinking buildings, their shape and the use of materials to increase comfort, efficiency and energy saving, with innovative and high-performance solutions.

In this scenario, the Tatano partners become true consultants of efficient systems with renewable sources, able to support the architect in choosing the best solution in terms of comfort, safety, efficiency and energy saving, aesthetic integration and coexistence with the environment

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The E.S. co (Energy Service Company or Energy Services Company) are the companies that provide services to improve the energy efficiency of their customers' equipments or buildings and have the task of reducing energy consumption, developing renewable energy and limiting emissions into the atmosphere through the optimization of energy efficiency interventions, by controlling and monitoring every phase of energy efficiency.

Esco services and offers:
- Energy diagnostics;
- Verification of compliance of the system and equipment with the relevant legislation and legislation;
- Elaboration of feasibility studies with technical-economic analysis;
- Planning of the interventions to be carried out, with the drafting of technical specifications;
- Implementation of installation, commissioning and testing operations;
- Management system, ensuring the improvement of energy and economic efficiency;
- Ordinary maintenance of the systems;
- Monitoring and verification of consumption;
- Presentation of adequate periodic reports to the customer;
- Technical support and advice for the purchase of financing by the customer.

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The GSE plays a central role in the promotion and development of renewable sources, as well as in the implementation of information mechanisms to promote the culture of the use of compatible and sustainable energy with the needs of the environment.

The main activity is the promotion, also through the provision of economic incentives, of electricity produced from renewable sources. Heat manager takes care of the thermoregulation and accounting during the thermal system renovation, boiler replacement, connection to the district heating system, transition to the "energy service", all in accordance with the reference standards

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The plumber is a professional figure who can operate in various areas of thermo-hydraulic (hydraulic, heating and air conditioning systems), such as the construction, installation or compliance of industrial and civil systems.

With the new technologies it also operates in the energy redevelopment of buildings, with low energy consumption systems, floor, wall and ceiling radiant systems, integrating multiple energy sources.

Tatano can suggest to its customers professional collaborators (biomass boiler installers and solar thermal systems) with whom there is an already established and guaranteed professional relationship.

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