A sustainable home

Annual heating requirement:
≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)
Winter heating load: ≤ 15 kWh/(m²a)

Installation options:

A        Biomass thermo-fireplace: 15 kW
B        Biomass boiler: 11 kW
A+C   Thermo-fireplace + Solar collector
B+C   Boiler + Solar collector

Riscaldamento e Risparmio energetico

We design the energy requalification of your house!

House tells a lot about you. Your priorities are reflected in your house.
Who builds a house, makes projects for the future: investing in an intelligent and responsible way to create value for themselves and for future generations, towards a cleaner world.

The goal is to decarbonise the real estate assets by building high energy efficiency buildings and transforming existing ones into almost zero energy buildings (nZEB).

ZERO house

Positive Energy Balance

A house that consumes less energy than it produces.

Positive Climate Balance

A house that respects the environment: the energy obtained independently from renewable sources (such as biomass and the sun) does not emit Co2.

Positive Economic Balance

Exploiting a natural source such as biomass and the sun to produce thermal energy saves on consumption and costs.

Did you know?

Energy efficiency is an increasingly important legal obligation.
According to the EU Directive 2018/844 on buildings, from 2020 the so-called "buildings with almost zero energy consumption (nZEB)" will become a legal obligation, with consumption of energy produced from renewable sources.

Moreover, from January 1, 2018 for new constructions of residential buildings and buildings subject to major renovations, it is mandatory to cover 50% of thermal energy consumption (or thermal requirements) with renewable energy sources. This is established by Legislative Decree 28/2011, with which the European Directive on the promotion of the use of energy from renewable sources is implemented.

The ideal solution to enjoy a warm and welcoming home, that consumes little energy, must provide for the installation of innovative and high efficiency systems.

Let’s take a concrete example: : the heating system consumes 75% of the total energy of a family.

A dated and energy-consuming boiler is highly polluting and causes a high quantity of CO2 emissions.

By simply replacing the old boiler with one of the latest generation you get great benefits for yourself and the environment:

  • More savings:an efficient heating system, that adapts to users’ needs, saves up to 30/40% of energy. So, if we consider system life (15/20 years), energy saving makes certainly the difference to your family's savings; In addition, thanks to the Ecobonus tax credits and to Conto Termico you can recover part of the expenses, thus ensuring the lowest investment with the maximum result.
  • More comfort: Tatano innovative and high efficiency products guarantee comfort and heat without waste, with maximum efficiency of the system. Moreover, they have the possibility to be managed comfortably at a distance via smartphone.
  • More environmental protection: with a latest generation biomass boiler you get up to 30% less CO2 emissions. Moreover, for a maximum supply of energy from renewable sources and zero environmental impact you can choose to integrate solar thermal panels in the system.

Today, investing in energy efficiency means investing in the future, making real profits and increasing the value of the property.

To those who make this farsighted choice, Tatano offers excellent quality products that achieve the highest levels of performance, comfort and a team of consultants specialized in the design, installation and maintenance of the systems.

Here is what Tatano proposes as regards integrated systems capable of combining efficiency and energy saving and ensuring maximum comfort at home:

  • Pellet, wood or wood chips boilers in energy efficiency class A + and 5th class certifications, which represent a winning solution in terms of environmental sustainability for the reduction of consumption and the use of gas and diesel.
  • Solar thermal collectors that guarantee high efficiency for the integration in the thermal system.
  • Constant updates of its partners on the regulations and on the correct installation of new technologies available and with low environmental impact.

Invest in Energy Efficiency

Tatano offers a series of free guides to understand how to save money at home.

Below those who want to refurbish home or system can download the guide for receiving advices and interventions in order to maximize the efficiency and energy saving.


Invest in Energy Efficiency: download

Request an inspection by a Tatano installer.

This qualified figure will be able to find the most efficient solution for your home and to help you to actively contribute to safeguarding the planet.

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