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Solar system with forced circulation

Sistemi solari a circolazione forzata

Solar system with forced circulation

Forced circulation solar panels, as a complete and integrated system solution, are perfectly adapted to meet the ACS needs of single and two-family homes, both for new constructions and for redevelopment.

The simple connection in batteries of two or more collectors allows to respond to more important energy requests, as in the case of swimming pools, accommodation facilities and commercial activities. .


The advantages

  • Simplified sizing of the solar thermal system that also helps heating integration
  • Universal use, on inclined roofs or flat surfaces and roofs thanks to the fixing kit supplied with the system
  • The system can be integrated on board in the Thermo Solar-Box group
  • Low power consumption thanks to the high efficiency pump
  • Economic convenience and ecological advantage in domestic hot water production, as state incentives are used and free energy from the sun is exploited
  • High possibility of reaching the energy efficiency class A + (system label), thanks to the combination of solar thermal panels and a heat generator
    • Gross area
      2,58 m²
    • Absorption surface
      2,26 m²
    • Absorption coefficient
      α > 95 %
    • Panel type
      flat thermal solar panel with Tinox selective surface
    • Field of application
      housing, commercial activities and accommodation facilities both for new buildings and for redevelopment
    • Type of installation
      on inclined roofs or on flat surfaces and roofs (with appropriate support)
    • Other features
      the system consists of two or more collectors, a bivalent water heater and related accessories for the production of DHW, for integration to the heating of the rooms or pool water through a heat exchanger.

Efficient integration with an ecological boiler

The biomass boiler can be integrated with the solar systems according to your ideas and needs. The complete solar kits, already sized, can be integrated to the heating of a single and two-family house, allowing to meet the needs of HSW.

The solar kit consists of two or four collectors, a bivalent 300 or 500-lt. tank and all the accessory components of the system.

The totally automatic production guarantees the highest quality and is certified Solar Keymark; excellence is also guaranteed by the collectors optimized with special glass, structured with a low iron content, by the absorber with selective coating and by a heat-resistant and highly effective insulation shell for high efficiency.

The bivalent water tank for higher performance

The vertical double-coil tank is equipped with a solar control unit, it acts as an interface between the solar system and the boiler and provides decidedly high performances. With sufficient sunlight, the heat of the collectors is achieved via the lower heat exchanger solar is transmitted to the tank; if the temperature drops due to HSW pick-up, the boiler is supplemented by the upper heat exchanger.

Easy, flexible and customized installation

In the forced circulation solar system, the storage tank is separated from the solar collectors, and this allows to customize the positioning of the tank, even if large, to place it in any room of the house; panels can be installed in places with greater insolation. All the components of the kits have been optimally combined with each other and make the installation extremely simple.

The connection kit with fittings allows you to easily connect the collector battery with the solar circuit connections; the connection pipes sealed by O-rings guarantee a safe parallel connection of up to 12 collectors, to meet the needs of higher consumption and customized solutions.

Sistemi solari a circolazione forzata
Solar system with forced circulation