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Natural circulation solar systems

Sistemi solari a circolazione naturale

Natural circulation solar systems

Natural circulation solar panels are the simplest and most advantageous system for DHW production in single and two-family buildings, both for new buildings and for renovations. They allow to reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions in a sustainable way.


The advantages

  • They can be used universally, both on sloped roofs and on roofs or flat surfaces thanks to the fixing kit supplied with the system
  • They are easy to install and integrate with the boiler
  • Require a simple system: simply connect the system with the hydraulic connections
  • They work in a simple way: they do not need a circulator and electronic regulators, so they do not produce electric consumptions
  • They have reduced maintenance times
  • They can save up to 60% on the domestic hot water energy needs
  • They have low thermal emissions and high efficiency even with poor insolation (Solar Keymark certification, according to EN 12975)
  • They give the possibility to access the incentives of the State and public bodies in the form of tax deductions and facilitations.
    • Gross area
      2,58 m2
    • Absorption surface
      2,26 m2
    • Absorption coefficient
      α > 95 %
    • Panel type
      flat thermal solar panel with Tinox selective surface
    • Field of application
      single and two-family houses, for new buildings or in case of redevelopment
    • Type of installation
      on inclined roofs or on flat surfaces and roofs (with appropriate support)
    • Other features
      the system consists of a flat thermal panel, a 200-lt. tank and related accessories

Certified performance thanks to the project, design and high-quality materials

All components of solar systems ensure efficient, reliable operation with minimal environmental impact.

The solar collector with selective coating of the surface, with high transparency, ensures a high absorption of solar radiation. The collector casing has a special glass cover, with low iron content, and ensures highly effective thermal insulation.

The meander-shaped copper absorber with integrated connection pipes allows a uniform sampling of the produced heat. The 200-lt/300-lt integrated double-chamber steel tank is insulated with high-density polyurethane foam and is equipped with magnesium anode and electrical resistance.

Reliability over time

It has a long-lasting seal and guarantees high stability over time thanks to the continuous frame in folded aluminum and to the insulation of the glass without joints. The back wall made of galvanized sheet steel is resistant to impact and corrosion.
The included fastening system is simple to assemble, with components in stainless steel and aluminum approved from the standpoint of static and corrosion-proof, so as to give the panel strength, stability and long life.

The solar panel with natural circulation

The solar panel is filled with an antifreeze fluid (glycol) which guarantees the transport of heat from the panel to the boiler. The sun's energy passes through the glass and meets the absorber which, by heating it, transfers heat to the heat-carrying fluid, which expands and moves upwards into the tank's air space. Here the heat is transferred to the sanitary side and the cooled liquid flows back into the lower part of the panel.
In a naturally circulating solar thermal panel, this cycle occurs as a result of convection: a circulation pump is not used, and consequently, there are no electrical consumptions.


Sistemi solari a circolazione naturale
Natural circulation solar systems