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Kalorino KS Wood

Power range: from 15,8 to 31 kW

Kalorino KS a Legna

Eco-sustainable design solutions for the customer’s house energy needs

Power, elegance, design, comfort: these are the winning cards for Kalorino wood-burning fireplace, the ideal solution to face the harsh winters and meet the daily needs of style, wellness and ecology.


The advantages of Kalorino KS digital electromechanical wood-burning fireplace

  • It allows to respect the environment and to save on fuel costs
  • It is a real design element thanks to the possibility of customizing the coating
  • It replaces or completes traditional heating systems (radiators, radiant tubes, convectors, solar systems)
  • It allows to access to tax incentives
    • Power range
      from 15,8 to 31 kW
    • Boiler class
      UNI EN 14785
    • Energy class (ErP)
      A+ E A++
    • Biomasses to be used
    • Operation
      electro-mechanical; synoptic control unit with graphic display
    • HSW production
      Through external water tank Through the integration with the solar thermal system
    • System types
      through high/low temperature (radiators, radiant panels, fan-coil)
    • Other features
      It has different versions - small, medium and large - and offers a wide range of uses, from a low energy consumption house to buildings with a greater heat requirement.

Innovative technology

The Kalorino KS wood-burning thermo-fireplace boasts a new configuration of thermo-dynamic components. It has an insulated external structure, a hermetically sealed steel combustion chamber, a large refractory fire bed and a tube bundle heat exchanger. The brazier with combustion air intake circuit is manually adjustable or by means of the thermostatic valve, guaranteeing high efficiency with minimum consumption.

Flame design

Kalorino KS has a panoramic door with ceramic glass resistant to high temperatures for a wide view of the flame.

It has a double motorized opening: up and down with silent sliding on the guides and horizontal, to facilitate the periodic cleaning of the glass. In addition, the built-in ash drawer, which can be removed from inside the brazier and the extractable fume hood simplify periodic cleaning.

Simple management

Kalorino KS is equipped with a synoptic control unit that allows continuous monitoring of the system and also features a pump thermostat, a thermostat for controlling the three-way motorized valve and a water temperature probe.

External air intake

The external air intake and the butterfly by-pass guarantee an easy ignition, an optimal draft and the absence of smoke in the environment.

The double combustion with preheated air ensures high performance, minimum fuel consumption and reduced emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, the residual power sink, integrated on board, allows maximum operating safety even in a closed tank installation.

Plant layout

Kalorino KS a Legna
Kalorino KS Wood
Power range: from 15,8 to 31 kW